Wonder Girls & Akon Release “Like Money”

And if there was ever an excuse for you to go buck-wild before noon on a Monday workday, here it is. Check out the MV below!

Fans got a taste of this infectious song way back when the Wonder Girls first debuted their Nick movie  around February, and ever since then, previews of the movie’s theme Like Money have been subjected to nonstop replays on and off YouTube and several other media sites. Only recently has JYP Entertainment been so gracious enough to drop MV teasers, with new snippets of the track and some insight into the music video.

Who would have thought the girls would be taking on a more futuristic theme with the video, and collaborate with one of America’s most notable front-runners of R&B Akon? The MV for Like Money takes a complete 180 from the retro-theme that we so often tag onto the Wonder Girls, but man is that change refreshing! The set for the video is super sleek and the editing is pure eye-candy. Though the monotony of the colors on the set are drab and dull, it fits the futuristic tone of the video and wraps things up altogether nicely.

The girls’ outfits remind me of something straight out of the movie The Fifth Element, with a modern Gaga flair and metallic touch that once again compliment the overall theme of the video. Gotta love that JYP cameo, as well.

I can’t even begin to describe the song. Saying bye bye to the hackneyed retro-hits has never felt so damn good. Like This was a modest attempt at something new, but personally that single lacked the staying-power necessary to be deemed a proper hit. Although the song is completely in English, it doesn’t sound foreign and contrived like the girls’ previous attempts. Everything about it melds perfectly into one infectious modern pop hit, complete with an egregious dosage of auto-tune and club beats. Definitely a redeeming song in comparison to the cringe-worthy DJ is Mine.

Akon was an interesting addition to the song, but his unique vocals don’t make it any less special. Along with SunYe and YeEun’s rich and full vocals at the chorus line, with SoHee and Lim’s masterful handle on the English lyrics of the verses, and Yoobin’s sexy cool rap, you’ve got the perfect summer smash down to keep the party pumping long into the night.


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