Here is the compilation of all the articles I have written regarding kpop! Enjoy!



JYP Introducing…


Keepin’ the Wonderbang Alive?


Cram Session

Korean Entertainment – The Disease

The Unknowns and Underrated

Oh Dear…SNSD and Wonder Girls COLLABORATION

Bashing SNSD/DBSK/Super Junior/Wonder Girls/Big Bang/blah blah blah

The Aftermath of the Hype

A League of Their Own

So…How’s the Weather?

(req) KPop – The Good, The Bad, and the Douchebags That Run It

(req) Diamond in the Rough

It’s Been a While

It Happens to the Best of Them

Special Delivery

2PM Is Just a Group of Horny Boys

Rules of the Game

Retro is the New Black…And Yes, the Wonder Girls Are BACK!

JYP + Wonder Girls = Goldmine

They Have Names, You Know


JYP, What Exactly Are You Thinking?

JYP Thinks He’s SM

The -ism of Rain

Don’t Go With That Flow

FT Island Wants to Give You a Little Taste of Heaven

What’s the Deal, DBSK?

It’s That Time of Year Again

Hey America! Ready to Get Eaten Up?


Take a Break

Mission Accomplished

Daesung is a Ladies’ Man

SNSD Plays it Safe

Kara’s Back!

Don’t Cheat

Triple Wonder? Wonder S?

Pray for Cube Entertainment

Big Bang Can’t Take It Anymore

Big Bang Chickens Out

Another Award Show, Another Fan War

FT Island Thinks You Are The One

FT Island is Prettier…

Super Size Me


JYP’s Using His Noggin

SBS Gayo Daejun 2008

2008 KBS Song Festival

2008 MBC Gayo Daejun

Crossing the Line

JYP Hooks Up with Yong-sama

Big Bang’s Baby is a Man Now

After School Makes Me Go “Ah!”

Taegoon Called Me

JYP – The Marketing Genius

WonBin Ditches FT

DaeSung’s “Big Hit!”

Why, Hello February

Wonder Girls are in LA!

Rooting for the Underdog

FT Island’s “Bad Woman” MV Subbed

2009 Seoul Gayo Daejun Awards

The SM Effect

They’ve Got One Word for You…

They’re Here

Officially Introduced As…

Great Expectations

Sexy Can I?

1…2…3! Younha’s Back!

Nicole and Kang Kyun Sung Are Happy

2PM Keeps Comin’ Back Again and Again

Younha’s 1,2,3 MV Is Out!

Younha Redeems Herself

BoA’s I Did It for Love Full MV

I’m Disappointed, Again and Again *Updated with MV Commentary*

Get Me Some Ice Cream

Identity Crisis

Welcome to the Industry

Don’t Stick to the Gameplan

They’re On Fire, Baby

Wonder Girls Have Sisters?

Sisters Do Nobody

Wonder Girls Getting Heat for Opening Up for the Jonas Brothers?

Big Bang Wants to “Love Tonight”

Tearliner Embraces All

Experience Big Bang in 3D

Taeyang and Teddy to Hook Up?

Happy 2nd Anniversary FT Island!

BoA’s Next Single?

Wonder Girls’ Leader Keeps It Real

The Wonder Fever Hits the Philippines? It Won’t Stop There!

After School and Son DamBi Rocked At the PCD Concert in Seoul!

The 3 Musketeers of K-Trot!

Big Bang Wants Everyone to Go Crazy!

JaeJoong Loves Fanboys


The Stars Show Their Love for PCD

BoA on CNN

Ilac Has Someone Else

Wheesung is Goin’ Stateside

FT Island Plays Soccer?

DBSK and Super Junior Hook Up for Korea Sparkling CF

TVXQ’s Junsu Buys His Parents a House!

JYP is Anxious

An Update on Miss Lee Hyori

SS501 Can Fly

Big Bang Members are Energizer Bunnies

TVXQ Does Infinitely Yours, Seoul

All Or Nothing

4Minute Exposed

Meet the Ladies of 4Minute

Jin Air Likes We Can Fly

Devil and Angel Hit the Stage

Seo Taeji Wants to Save the Polar Bears

Rain Wants to Make Your Underwear

2PM’s Nichkhun to Grace Vogue Girl

Introducing Ballad Princess SuSung

Son Dambi on Music Trip La La La~

Brand New Day Wears Mascara

Wonder Girls SoHee and SunMi to Drop Out of High School?

Get Your Sprinkler’s On

How Far is Too Far?

Rule of Thumb

A “Step” Up for Kara

Kara Releases “Step” MV


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