Wonder Girls – The Wonder Years – Trilogy CD

I know I know, shame on me. I’m a bad wonderful. I listened to the CD before it was released. Go ahead, smack me around a couple of times if it makes you feel better. For the rest of you good wonderfuls and music appreciaters in general, PLEASE SUPPORT THE GIRLS BY PRE-ORDERING THEIR ALBUM AT YESASIA!!!! It’s a pretty good deal ^__^ I’m still pretty disappointed that the girls didn’t release a full album, but if one were to think somewhat rationally, one would realize releasing an album around the same time as DBSK, one would be in deep doo doo. Props to rational thinking!

  1. Nobody (Ballad Intro) – Truly beautiful. The string arrangement crescendo at the beginning is such a dramatic way to start this. Then BOOM! You hear Ye Eun’s vocals displaying her crazy range. Following Ye Eun’s high note, the drums start their crescendo as well accompanying SunYe and the strings. Then, not to be outdone by Ye Eun or the background music, SunYe shows off her own range by ending the song teaser with her very own high note. So beautiful. It’s a shame that it was only a teaser/intro.
  2. Nobody – Here’s that So Hot/Tell Me mix JYP promised us, wonderfuls! *Since there are instrumental tracks for this song, the review for the background music will be later* After watching the MV and listening to the song for more than a million times, I think I can safely say I’ve overanalyzed this song to a pulp. For once, Yoobin doesn’t simply end the song with one of her raps, she starts it. Yes sir. You can hear her sexy, low voice, speaking in “English” no less! Then comes another one of those infectious hooks that gets the whole world going crazy! I haven’t been crazy enough to count how many times the girls sang “Nobody” in the song yet, but I’m sure it’s a lot. To a point, I guess it can get kind of annoying, but hey, what can ya do? Mmm, SunMi’s husky voice, mmmm ❤ Although not as husky as I’d like, it’s almost there. SoHee’s vocals seem lacking, but then it crescendos impressively to the chorus build up. YeEun woos us with her mad skills, while the rest of the girls harmonize with a “OOO” in the background. Likewise for when SunYe sings her chorus bit. Personally, I’m quite happy to hear SoHee getting more vocally challenging parts. Actually, compared to So Hot, this song is a lot more vocally demanding for the likes of SoHee, YeEun, and SunYe. They have certain points where they must reach a high note (specially for YeEun, her bridge solo). Finally, what better way to end a hit than with Yoobin’s rapping. I was pretty disappointed with how short it was, but hey “So young and wild and free” is a great line XD Overused in the music world, but it fit the context of the song.
  3. I Tried – The first time I heard this song, I honestly thought “Oh God, here goes another ‘EeBabo’ for me. For those of you who haven’t read my previous Wonder Girls review, I’ll have you know that I wasn’t a straight up fan of that song. It was far too bland vocally and musically that it could put me to sleep. It was the kind of song that I had to listen to over and over again in order to appreciate. However, with “I Tried” it’s quite the contrary. It only took me 2 play backs to begin to appreciating the song. Yoobin starts the song with singing! I’m glad JYP is making use of her voice for things other than rapping, but honestly, she sounds very nasally when she sings. But that’s ok, because then you hear SunMi’s part with that husky-licious voice of hers. Then we hear So Hee. I hate to be critical, but she wasn’t really good. Her vocals were lackluster and very breathy. We know she’s capable of actually singing, so I’m pretty disappointed with her here. YeEun and SunYe don’t disappoint with their vocals once more. Very smooth. What I particularly enjoy is the melody of the chorus. YeEun and SunYe’s vocals are very sweet and harmonize well with the background, which in turn promotes easier listening. The bridge ❤ Oh my, oh my. That bridge ❤ Vocally challenging compared the safe range the majority of the song is sung in. It would have been nice if someone other than SunYe and YeEun sang it though, to fairly display the other memebers’ vocal talents *cough*SunMi*cough*.
  4. Saying “I Love You” – Lately, many soompiers can vouch for this, I’ve been on a YeEun loving spree. Actually, what sealed the deal for that was her self-composed song for Wonderfuls that she played during the Wonder Girls’ second fanmeeting. JYP clearly stated in an interview that he usually never lets his artists take part in the production process until well after their 3rd album together. The girls so far have released one full album and 3 mini albums and yet here is a song composed and written by the musically driven Park YeEun. Once again, I’ll refrain strongly from mentioning the background music, but let me tell ya something, folks, it’s gonna be tearing me up inside not being able to spaz fully about this. In a nutshell, I think YeEun ROCKS ❤ Once again, we begin the song with Yoobin singing. She has a low voice, so she hits those low notes well. Unfortunately, she still sounds a little nasally. SunMi follows up *again* with a much more demanding solo piece compared to “I Tried” (thank God). SoHee has a more vocally challenging part as well. However, she does get pitchy as she crescendos. Everything else is fairly smooth. SunYe and YeEun’s voices in my honest opinion suit this song so well. They’re voices can reach and have the potential to become greater. They were made for ballads and this song definitely shows that. It’s great to hear the other girls harmonizing in the background during the chorus as well. The bridge is amazing as well, again XD HOLY EFFIN CRAP! Did you clearly hear YeEun’s part of the bridge? Show me a person that doesn’t believe she can sing, and I’ll smack them. Just kidding. But that was a beautifully smooth crescendo, slowly easing back to the range of the chorus. This was just a beautiful vocal arrangement. Once again, I wish SunMi could fairly display her vocals as well. “Saranghae” to you too, ladies ;D
  5. Nobody (Rainstone Remix) – When we all first heard it, I know what you were thinking: “What? A guitar riff? This ain’t no stinkin’ remix!” Well, maybe not in those exact words, but hey, it definitely doesn’t fit the remix cliche, does it? That’s probably what I liked about it. I’ll spazz about the instrumentals later. The vocals were very er…weak and pitchy during the chorus. But, I’ll overanalyze and state I have a theory. The song “Nobody” has lyrics that portray a girl basically begging and insisting that her lover stay with her. Basically the whole “I need you, can’t live without you” thing going on. Yet, compared to the bright and almost uplifting beats of the original track, this “remix” offers a more realistic mood to the song. As the song’s lyrics suggest, the girls are trying to portray a rather “depressed, hopeless, and longing” sense of emotion as they sing. It could have been a lot more impressive, in my opinion, but I guess they were trying to stay true to the emotion. “Sing like you’re talking.” – JYP. SunMi, our ever reliable and consistent alien, sounds vocally boring. Her raspy, husky vocals are very relaxing to listen to, but it makes me really disappointed to hear her not display vocals I know she has. Sorry, I’m ranting. SoHee’s part in the remix is actually nice, up until the part before the chorus. With the way she ends her part, it sounds like she’s straining herself to reach that note and this time, she doesn’t have the overpowering background music to cover it up. Is it just me, or does YeEun’s vocal pitch sound higher in this chorus compared to the original mix? I actually like hearing her varying pitches, though. The bridge was not as vocally impressive as the Intro/teaser or the original, but (!) that’s only because YeEun didn’t go for that high note. Instead she goes up, the eases back down into a new rap part for Yoobin. I was giddy as a school girl hearing this rap. I was left so unsatisfied with original rap, but this made up for it immensely. Hearing SunYe at the end just adlib is beautiful. Ya remember that feeling of longing and passion that the girls are trying to portray? I think SunYe basically showed it to us in a nutshell at the end.
  6. Nobody (Instrumental) – Compared to my lengthy reviews above, the instrumentals will be a lot shorter, but just as spastic XD Ok, so the “Tell Me/So Hot” mix. JYP wasn’t lying. The drum beats are very reminiscent to So Hot’s while the synth beats, especially during the chorus, are the exact same ones used for “Tell Me”. At times, I find that those drum beats can overpower the girls’ vocals, but it helps if you know the dance. Just *clap clap* away ^__^. I really really enjoyed how JYP incorporated an entirely different melody/synth beat for Yoobin’s rap. It made her stick out more for me.
  7. I Tried (Instrumental) – I’m not sure what the effect is properly called, but it makes it so the synth piano beats echo from one ear to the other. The jingles (for lack of a better musical term) during the chorus just makes me think of Christmas. Seriously! Actually, the whole song just makes me randomly think of Christmas. It’s the choice of instruments used. The strong bass beat is very nice and is a smart substitute for the weak drum beats. I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much had there been stronger drum beats. The strings during the chorus were a nice touch. It’s a very simplistic melody and easily considered repetitive, too. But there’s a certain sweetness to it that captivates my ears. Otherwise, one would consider this to be the most bland song in the mini album.
  8. Saying “I Love You” (Instrumental) – OMFG! Just like with “Wishing On a Star”, this song starts off with a simplistic piano riff and a beautiful string arragement to accompany it. Then, it’s simply the piano, with the strings slowly easing their accompaniment in. Finally, a guitar riff, drums, and a bass come into the scene and all instruments mesh together to create a beautiful piece of music. First thing I’m thinking “If YeEun thought up the whole musical arrangement for the WHOLE song and for ALL the instruments, my hat definitely goes off to her.” But course I’m sure JYP helped. I was just very happy to know that YeEun was able to take part in the process. The strings definitely showed off during the bridge, slowly crescendo-ing their way to a final runthrough for the song. The song ends beautiful with that simple piano riff, accompanied once again by the strings, and a simple guitar riff. Gah, so beautiful ❤
  9. Nobody (Rainstone Remix Instrumental) – If you’re a wonderful like me, I’m sure you’ve heard that “So Hot” *It’s Raining* remix floating around. I happened to LOVE that guitar arragement for the song. Simplistic, yet sensual. This remix takes sexy guitar playing to a whole new level. As one guitar plays the simply riff over and over again, another comes in with these ridiculous fingering techniques to kill me. Honestly, the guitar just gave off this whole “sensual/seductive” vibe to it. Something you’d make whoopie to on a rainy day. I guess that’s why they called it the “Rainstone Remix”. Bad joke.

Overall: Well, let me tell you something, faithful reader. Even though the only song that was honestly “catchy” was “Nobody”, I think that’s what made me really happy. The fact that the girls offered something than “catchy dance songs” was what impressed me. Albiet, none of these songs actually stuck out to me at first. Compared to the “So Hot” mini album, this mini album offered musical variety. With songs like “You’re Out” and “So Hot” on the previous album, fans will be surprised to see how different this one is. I LOVE LOVE LOVED (!) the fact that YeEun was able to share a song for this. Truly. I’ve never been more ecstatic! I was also glad to not be disappointed with yet another hit from the girls! Let me tell ya, I’ve never wanted to learn a dance more. Have you seen their routines for those Wonder Chairs? I was like “Hot damn!” My only real complaints are:

  • Yoobin must sing with her diaphragm. I know she can do it. Hearing her sing rather nasally is not very pleasing to the ears. I loved that she only really rapped in two songs and that she’s showing off her singing.
  • SoHee needs to work on her range and overall vocal control. She sings rather breathily, so I would like for her to stabilize herself on that ^__^
  • SunMi isn’t really shining much. I realize that she has gained a lot more singing parts, but those parts are not showing her true capablities as a singer. Do I need to take out that “Work It Out” video again?

5 responses to “Wonder Girls – The Wonder Years – Trilogy CD

  1. listened to the songs before official release, *SHOOTS HER*

    ROFL… i tried my best not to listen to them, but i did T____T… I was sick, couldn’t think straight, and i was too damn curious! sue me! rolf… didn’t download it though, so i youtubed it sigh… people do Yesasia it…

    once again, great review….

    i think we can agree with the fact that SoHee is showing more… i do wish she would go all the way…frankly speaking its all in her head, cuz something tells me she has so much more to offer vocally… I loved her voice the best during “I tried”… i love how low her voice is…very soothing.
    Overall she improved, keep working on it mandoo!

    SunMi…she shines the most during Nobody (both versions) and Saying I love you.. but i feel like i have to look for her a bit… which is weird, cuz her voice is very easy to spot… but listening to Saying “I love you”, i find her…And she really does some wonders with her part…I keep rewinding it … something else i’ve noticed, is the fact that she conveys her emotions better now… i’m very impressed with that, cuz she used to analyze her singing more… JYPE please stop making us beg, and hook our girl up!

    I loved her so much here… she is pretty much perfect in the whole mini album…except maybe i can tell that her range isn’t that wide… but i would go for a sex change operation if she keeps singing like she did during “I tried” and “Saying I love you”… i just wanna lay down and have her sing it to me….she sounds amazing… the nobody intro should’ve been a damn song….but then again i would’ve died of happiness… of course conveying emotions is her thing and she nailed it… the only critique is i think she still has more in stores for us vocally… so i can’t wait

    Oh my kfgslfgfgalg…can we say this is YeEun’s mini-album?? she was amazing!! i keep anticipating her parts… because i’m already in trance from the other girls, but come her part its pure orgasm (sorry kids)… she has learned to control her voice, and she just gave us treat after treat… i’m truly in love… and WTH!!! HER SONG IS LOVE<333…I really loved her during “I tried” the best…though her best vocal display were in nobody intro and saying i love you….her voice just fitted….Okay whats that thing she did during “Saying I love you” ?? the “hae, hae,hae”, “never, never, neveeeer”..she reminded me of my dear whitney pre drugs…sounds like another orgasmtic performance .. i want more…Sunye must’ve rubbed on all of them, cuz now she is conveying more emotions…<33

    Binnie, my dark chocolate…. I LOVED HER HERE!
    I don’t know if i would’ve loved this album so much if she wasn’t on there… Listening to Nobody remix, i’m just waiting to her part… anticipating, picturing her singing it in my head… her rap is the sex….her intro to Nobody is sizzling…yes I know you still love me binnie! Most people didn’t like her during “Saying I love you”, but I’m digging it… i wouldn’t have changed anything about it… Before listening to WG songs, she always did extremely well…but i always felt like something was missing…she brought it…what i need for yoobin is for her to finally find her voice…

    Their second album will be amazing..hopefully a song composed by the 3 unnies…that would be orgasmic (this word just fits)


    I love NOBODY *original* very much…. To the point where i skip my beloved “So Hot” for it….but I think the others songs just make this mini album unique… For some reasons I loooovvve “I tried”, “Saying I love you” makes me wanna run if ya know what i mean…haha… the remix, shooot! I can’t stop watching Mucore cuz of it XD… Overall 4/5.

    YA , i ended up writing a damn review….sigh…i just can’t shut it when it comes to these lovely ladies…. Trilogy = success!

    (they still need to work on a few things, but i’m satisfied..)

  2. LOL

    You’re so annoying. Trying to steal my thunder like that =P I had to do the instrumentals XD It would have bugged me to eternity had I not.

  3. sunmi is ALWAYS overshadowed with her singing skills. she is such an amazing singer it sucks that she’s not being as recognized for that as she deserves. on a totally random but also relatable note, every time i hear Wooyoung of 2pm sing, it really reminds me of Sunmi’s situtation. They’re both amazing singers with promising potentials but no one is working to help them grow and shine.

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