BoA – BoA

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but it’s been a month and a little turd has been nagging me to do this, so I figured I should at least give her this to get her off my back. So yeah, anywho, this is the Best Of Asia’s first step into dominating the states! Think she can?


As always, go support the artist by buying their album 😀

  1. I Did It for Love – When I first heard this single, I was like “Oh thank GOD!” It was so much better than “Eat You Up” by a LANDSLIDE. At first I LOVED the chorus! But it got really old, really fast. The highlights of this song aren’t even by BoA herself, but by Sean Garrett, the featured artist. OUCH. Seriously,  with the amount of repetition in this song, there’s nothing to look forward to. The bridge was like the best part. It’s got a great beat to dance to, but the lyrics aren’t very intelligent. Anywho, compared to “Eat You Up”, this was a smart single to choose for BoA’s entrance to the industry.
  2. Energetic – Despite what the title implies, this track is anything but energetic. Har har har, I’m so clever. When BoA sings here, she clearly shows her poor mastery of English pronunciation. Sean Garrett is once again featured in this track, but not as much as the previous track. Once again, very repetitious, so the track ends up being bland beyond belief. And unlike what Sean Garrett chooses to repeat into my brain, I’m not feelin’ so energetic after listenin to this track. If this is what “energetic” is to BoA, I don’t feel like hittin’ her up in the club, either. *yawn*
  3. Did Ya – Did anyone else think of Austin Powers when they heard the intro? This is probably my favorite track in the entire album. Why? Because it offered actual instrumentals rather than relying on just synths and that sort of shit. Besides, no album by a female would be complete without a female empowerment/I-Don’t-Need-You-Bitch single. That bass riff right before the chorus gets me every time. Lyrics, although just as shallow and meaningless as the rest of the album’s lyrics, are pretty damn hilarious when you try to match them up with BoA. It put a smile on my face. 5 Star track.
  4. Look Who’s Talking – Ah the track produced by THE Britney Spears. It definitely sounds like a Britney track. Had I not known Britney produced this for BoA prior, I would have thought it was a Britney track if I heard it on the radio or something. The pre-chorus vocals are totally Britney. The lyrics and the “la-la-la” part are soooooo Britney. The whole shallow-conceitedness of this song SCREAMS Britney. Considering how much of a nobody BoA is in America right now, I love how she’s singing this type of song. BoA, give this song back to Britney before you embarrass yourself. It suits her better anyway =P Besides, can BoA even define “controversy” in English?
  5. Eat You Up – HO HO HO! The song that caused several of my friends to turn into BoA enthusiasts! Well, more like instigated laughter among my friends. Seriously. The lyrics were written by some horny little boy that obviously needs to get some before he explodes from hormonal dysfunction. Really. I could have written this when I was 6. That’s how pathetic they are. I mean, come on! “Like I’ve become some kind of demon in the night/ You look so tasty I could eat you up alive.” What the fuck? So YUM  YUM? SERIOUSLY?! What grown person would actually say “yum” these days?  I love pumping up this track when I’m driving and at stop signs. If you want people staring, this is the track to play. I love the end of the song cuz that’s when the crappy lyrics and and the good stuff happens, musically.
  6. Obsessed – I love the beat. Strong but not overpowering. It’s very distinct. The song really reminds me of another song. Once again, the lyrics aren’t very interesting. I mean, she used the word “unglued” for Christ sake. I can imagine this song having a rock remix. It’s those random “Hey’s” that I hear in the background. It’s the battle cry of the Republic, mannn. One of the few tolerable songs on the album. Once again, the end is the best part =P
  7. Touched – I love the music box riff at the beginning and at the end. It adds a unique touch in the midst of synth beats and BoA’s voice. Once this song gets up to the chorus, I’m totally convinced this song should have been a Pussycat Dolls’ song. They would probably rock it better, anyway. She doesn’t even sing the chorus. Or at least it sounds NOTHING like her.
  8. Scream – What the hell is up with that spoken narrative at the beginning? LOL Trying to spice up a track that otherwise would be boring without it? It’s boring with or without it. I really hate her voice here. Like, really really hate it. Actually, I hate this song the most in the entire album. It’s such a Euro dance beat. I can’t even get halfway through this track. NEXXXTTTT!!!!!
  9. Girls On Top – English version. I never liked this song, but after listening to this version, I’d rather have the Korean version ANY day. The rap is the best part.
  10. Dress Off – I’m not diggin’ the synth beat in this song. When BoA sings “Take my dress off, my dress off” in the chorus, she sounds obnoxiously annoying. This songs needs to be given to the Pussycat Dolls again, please. The bridge seems really out of place in this song. Poor transition from the chorus to the bridge and bridge back to the chorus.
  11. Hypnotic Dancefloor – They really teched up her voice here and I can’t stand it. She has a decent voice, but when you fiddle around with synths, it ruins the decency. Another forgettable track. Don’t even bother with it.

Overall: I learned two main things after listening to this album. 1) Boa really likes to tell you to join her on the dance floor. 2) She obviously hasn’t gotten laid recently, so she’s incredibly horny and wants you baddddd. Seems like the big guys want to market the Best of Asia as some hornball. Her lyrics are simplistic and shallow, perhaps reflecting her understanding of the English language? Cuz seriously, how much do you think she actually understands on half the songs she sings? She has good vocals, no duh, but this album does NOTHING to showcase that whatsoever. She sounds incredibly nasally and with the added tech effects to her voice, it doesn’t help. If you like a good dance album, buy this CD right now. But overall, this was a poor attempt at stepping into the industry. The good tracks were overshadowed by the abundant crap tracks. Try again BoA. Actually no. Just go back to Japan/Korea and stay there.


2 responses to “BoA – BoA

  1. I agree. This album doesn’t give her voice any justice ,but it’s ok all in all. I like the korean version of Girls on Top waaaaaay better than the english version.


    Except for Obsessed, I agreed with you on everything.

    But most importantly.


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