Super Junior is Sexy, Free & Single; Gee, I Wonder Why?

I know I said a while ago that I would promise to keep things are objective as possible (and come on, I think I deserve a high five for doing a pretty good job of that thus far), but when a veteran kpop group like Super Junior releases a new single that fails to meet personal expectations, all hell is bound to break loose.

For the most part, I consider myself a very casual fan of the group, and an occasional listener to kpop these days. And I suppose that should be reason enough for me to not hold any real expectations when it comes to the group and their respective releases, but I do what I want. So when I finally took the time to check out their latest MV release, it goes without saying I was rather lukewarm to the single, treading that fine line between apathy and straight up offended by the lack of growth. Now, I realize I’m talking about idol groups here, but if your company colleagues like f(x), SNSD, SHINee, EXO, etc. are at least putting a little more effort and time into exploring different concepts and genres, you’d think a heavyweight like suju would do the same.

If they’re considering the over-abuse of electronic vocal enhancers to be the pinnacle of their musical abilities, I am sorely disappointed. We’ve been spoon-fed this heap of digitized rubbish over and over again with singles like A-Cha, BONAMANA, and MR. Simple. It was alright when Sorry, Sorry first came out, but now it’s just overkill and exhausted. And one can hardly dismiss this as a case of “It’s their signature style,” because I do believe that auto-tune abuse is seen in just about every kpop group production. Their producers need a dose of inspiration from something outside the realm of robotics, please. Furthermore, I realize that not everyone in the group is capable of belting out coherent and aesthetically pleasing notes, but the trendy use of auto-tune is just insulting. Strong vocalists like Yesung and Kyuhyun just continue to be underutilized and it really brings me to tears. Though I am very happy to hear the group’s divas Sungmin and Ryeowook still working it.

Criticisms aside, I do enjoy the elaborate setting of the MV, but I am begging for something different. Sleek and clean in its design, it’s bound to make some jaws drop, but as with previous singles, been there and done that. Give me something new to chew on, boys. The choreography was nothing majorly inspiring, but it definitely brought to life the fun and free lyrics of the chorus. I offer Eunhyuk a high five for constantly carrying the weight of the group on his lord of the dance feet. Great job.

Finally, though the lyrics sound like something off of an OKCupid dating profile, the song for the most part is about finding courage and self-confidence to face whatever challenges lie on the horizon. And whether or not it is “Sexy, free and single and ready to mingle” or “bingo” doesn’t even matter to me anymore. It’s all a painfully contrived schematic of shoving English lyrics into a song, regardless of the nonexistent relevance it holds to the actual meaning. That said, though the boys of Super Junior insist that they’re sexy, free and single, I think I’m better off looking on eharmony to find someone just a bit more interesting =P

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