2PM – Time for Change

What an Obama way to call your latest mini album. Anywho, here’s the latest project from the Hottest boys in town, 2PM!


Support the artist by buying the album, please =D (Why does TaecYeon look so mad? T__T)

  1. What Time is it Now? – Jae let’s the world know it’s 2PM’s time to shine in this intro track. I love the string arrangement here.
  2. Again and Again – I’ve expressed my displeasure with their comeback single already. I hate how it follows the repetition trend. The background beats and the vocals are so bland that you forget you’re even listening to it. Junsu and Jae have great voices. I find no need to digitize their voices during the chorus. Is that Chansung rapping? But I gotta say, I’ll prefer Taec’s rap. His deep voice is just something else ❤ Once again, I must applaud Mr. JYP for adding that fabulous string arrangement. After putting this track on repeat, it will manage to stick with you. For me, anyway, I liked it after about the 5th time hearing it. It’s just lacking some “oomph” feel me?
  3. 니가 밉다 – When I first heard this song, I couldn’t help but smile. It sounds sooo American. I once again dislike the use of digitized voices in the verses. It takes away from the vocal talent that these boys have. Isn’t that why this album is very different from the first one? To show off their vocal skills? I like how the tempo changes for the chorus. This song definitely keeps you on your feet that way.  If they ever made an MV for this, I picture a smooth routine for the verses, then a break into a faster, tougher routine for the chorus. Much like their “Again and Again” MV routine. Taek doesn’t sound like himself during his rap break. I LOVE THIS TRACK! Definitely a track worth putting on repeat.
  4. 돌아올지도 몰라 – I immediately thought of We Belong Together by Mariah Carey when I heard the background instrumentals. That’s why it sounds so American to me. Anyone agree? Love that guitar riff. The tempo speeds up again during the chorus to keep you on your feet. Slows down to a slow jam tempo once at the chorus. I really love how Khun sounds here. And I’m not saying that just because I’m biased. Actually, all the boys are sounding really good here. They’ve obviously polished their vocal skills. However, my solo complaint is that it sounds fairly similar to the previous track. Perhaps because it’s in the same key? Nonetheless, beautifully produced. This track gets 2 thumbs WAYYYY UP from me.
  5. Again and Again (R&B Remix) – I LOVE this version much better than the original. CUZ UR MY OLD SCHOOL LOVEEEE! Taec sounds hot saying that (I think that’s him?) The raps stayed the same and oddly enough, they still work. I guess it’s because the tempo hasn’t changed so drastically from the original. It would have been more interesting if they changed the rap like JYP did with Yoobin’s rap in the Nobody dance and rainstone versions. This version just flows better in my opinion. The original sounds unnatural, like the original had to be the remixed version and this is the original. But I guess JYP wanted a dance track for an upbeat contrast to all the ballad/mellow beats in the rest of the mini album. Still, R&B for the win.

OVERALL: I was initially REALLY disappointed after hearing Again and Again. My hopes are getting WAYYY to high and I expect nothing but mind-blowing hits from JYP and his groups these days. That’s really bad. I’ve become one with the majority. But after I gave the mini album a listen, I regret those words. Compared to the boys’ debut mini album, “Time for Change” is definitely a 180. The boys are given the chance to show off their vocal skills rather than simply relying on their amazing dance moves. The first mini album was a dance themed sort of deal. This one was much more pleasing to the ears. I loved the R&B feel and it made me change my opinions about some of the member’s singing abilities. It markets the boys as something more than just a mere dance group. They actually have the vocal talent to boot. So I’m happy to hear a singable beat. With their last hits, they were dancing and attempting singing, which lead to poor lives. If they can manage to wow us with a routine and sing just as well, I’ll be set.

It’s also quite interesting to note how this mini album is a story of romantic conflict. Guy and girl get together after initially not being together (track 2). Girl hurts the guy in some emotional way, forcing the guy to “hate her” (track 3). He’s just about ready to erase her from his life (track 4) but they get back together again (track 5, which is essentially track 2 LOL). It’s just like JYP’s concerts. Story time with JYP family xD

However, I will say this. JYP needs to step it up. All his songs have their JYP signature on it. From the “JYP” at the beginning of his tracks and borrowed “sample beats” to the same synth beats he uses consistently in most of his tracks. While his tracks manage to be different, his style is getting pretty old. He solidified repetition with Kpop, now he needs to come up with a brand new trend if he wants to keep his artists’ popularity up. The pressure’s on, Mr. Park.


3 responses to “2PM – Time for Change

  1. I think 2pm is so underrated when it comes to vocals sure their no 2AM but most of them have nice voices that are pleasing to the ears

    I have to listen to the other songs because apparently I’m missing out I only know Again and Again

  2. i was one of those cynics who thought that 2PM is destined to be put in variety shows doing acrobatics and nothing else. but after watching their idol shows they proved to have fresh, exciting personalities, sometimes unbefitting of what Korea perceives an “idol” should be – they’re rowdy, funny and most of all, they’re just being boys. unlike some other idol group that’s all cutesy stuff which gets a bit tiring after a while. JYP surely knew what he was doing when he selected these boys because they just click together (especially hitting the jackpot with Nichkhun) – and surely the acrobats thing gave them an identity for a debut artist but now they’ve upped their level a notch higher. i’m totally rooting for them and hope that they’ll get the recognition they deserve. (sorry for the long comment!) by the way did you buy or download their mini album? where???:)

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