(req) Lee Jung Hyun – Fantastic Girl

This is Lee Jung Hyun’s 6th album released in 2006. Forgive me, I have no bits of information to share about her other than she was one of the few artists that firmly rock the dance genre in Korea.

  1. FunFun (feat. Double K) – The background beats are pretty strong (it’s dance genre after all) and randomly accompanied by some wind instrument, piano, and guitar. The one chord that the piano plays reminds me of something out of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time“. I’m not so crazy about her voice. Double K’s intro and rap breaks go by too fast for me. The track overall has this east meets west flare. I think it’s got to do with that flute in the background. Nice beat, but nothing that really makes me wanna grind up on somebody.
  2. Just Look at Me – It’s got this Arabian nights feel to it. The “I’m going crazy – Side to side” thing gets irritating. Now, I’ve watched my share of Bollywood movies and I totally feel this could be incorporated in that kind of movie. The beat is great and I’m loving the string arrangement during the chorus. Her voice is less irritating during the chorus as well. I wish I could say the same thing during the verses. Her voice does this weird vibrato. The parts where she randomly goes high pitched fits the song, but doesn’t agree with my eardrums in the least bit.
  3. Formula – For some reason, it reminds me of Britney Spears’ “Boom Boom”. I think it’s the way the background beat is arranged, ‘cuz otherwise the two songs are completely different. Her voice isn’t as annoying as the last track. I really like it here. This is a great track, but I can’t really say anything about it. It stands out for me. It might have something to do with her sexy voice in this particular track. Even though I can’t understand what she’s saying, her voice has this “come hither” feel to it at certain points throughout the song.
  4. I Love You, Cheol Soo – whatever that thing used to make that intro beat, it’s the same kind they use for “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi, right? I’m really lovin’ the beat for this track. It’s definitely a dance track that you can totally grind to and do the robot. Who ever you are Cheol Soo, you’re one lucky guy.
  5. Welcome to My Style – the piano, beats, and the intro rap just made me die. I’m feelin’ the laid back beat. Sounds like something LL Cool J or Will Smith would rap to in the 90s. I really love this track. Everything about it is just plain sexy. It’s a must listen.
  6. Run – Is it just me, or is the way she started that song reminiscent to Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl“? The cheerleading beat and the way she “sings” the song gives me that vibe. The rest of the song is very different though. I’m not feelin’ the beat as much, but her vocals make up for it for once.
  7. Men Annoy Women – I love the title. The background beat sounds like something from the 80s. I don’t have much of an opinion for this song, but when she sings, it sounds a bit like the melody from Baby V.O.X.’s “In hyung“. Loved the string arrangement during the bridge-ish.
  8. How – Oh man, this sounds like a 90s beat. The beat is rather mellow, so I’m not expecting some hardcore grinding coming out of this, but I’m sure people will anyway. I liked the vocals and melody here. The “otoke” part was really redundant, but I liked it.
  9. Will I Be Able To Love Again? – Wow, it’s the mellow track on the album. I wasn’t expecting it at all O__o. I thought she was supposed to be all “unce unce” kind of music. Oh well. Variety is nice. Her vocals are really controlled in here. It’s easy listening and totally unlike her other tracks. Am I feeling it? Not so much, but it’s a perfect slow jams kind of song. Grab your date and dance to this.
  10. Love Song – I’m loving the intro guitar riff with the congos and the weird synth beat in the back. Her voice is soft here and I honestly love it when it’s like that and not blasting in my ear. It’s a nice track for all you fellow mellow easy listeners.
  11. All In – And we’re back to the dance tracks. Her English is nowhere near as annoying as most Korean artists, so that’s a plus. Even though I’m rather hesitant about the random guitar riff in the background, it compliments the “in your face” feel of the track. The beat is pretty intense and heavy, so it’s a great grinding song haha. Can’t you tell I love those?
  12. Give Me Your Man – I’m a sucker for string arrangements. End of story. The rap is niceeee. Eric of Shinhwa, take notice.

Overall: I’m really not a dance genre kind of person. I don’t usually listen to the music. I’d much rather dance to it than anything else, but that’s just me =P. Her songs are very dance worthy. The beats are pretty strong and you’re gonna feel it when your on the dance floor. Even newbie dancers out there won’t miss a step. And as nasal as she sounds when she sings, she does have some crazy range. She tends to get pitchy, but at least she has control when she sings mid-range tones. Plus, she touched about every decade starting from the 80s and incorporated it in her music. I found that very interesting. Meh, if you’re into dance beats, go for it. This album was worth the hard drive space.


4 responses to “(req) Lee Jung Hyun – Fantastic Girl

  1. :D, nice review, This album isn’t that well liked among some of her fans but I love it :D. I guess its a hit or miss kinda thing. I hope you love I ❤ Natural :P. Its kinda more techno/dance then this album :P.

  2. meh it wasn’t insanely bad. I sorta like it ahha like if im in the mood to just dance around my room or whatever, Id totally play her stuff

    and some of it could be used for DDR aha

  3. Hey, nice blog!

    If you’re into dance music, may I suggest Koyote? It’s a group of 2 guys, 1 girl, Korean of course, and it’s pretty awesome. Also, check out Epik High. It’s not really dance music, more pop/rap type but the group is made up of Stanford grads lol. They’re pretty new, but amazing! Especially their “Remapping the Human Soul” album — check out fan, love love love, fly in particular; YouTube should have them. 😀


  4. I know Koyote ahha

    and let me tell you something about epik high…um, they’re AMAZING ❤ Like, i really am not a rap sort of person, but those guys are something else. I knew them since they debuted, but recently I’ve been high on them for some reason ahah I’m a tablo lover for life =]

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