Here is a compilation of all the articles I have written regarding Jpop! Enjoy!

To Be or Not to Be Emotionally Invested

When the Dust Has Settled: Takahashi Ai’s Graduation Announcement UNCENSORED

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

The Ultimate Conquest – A Hangry&Angry Review

The Rock City Boy Has Great Taste

House of Frying Ghetto

It’s an EVO REVOLUTION with mihimaru GT

The Rokkies Are Takin’ Over!

Ai Believe; How About You?

The Dawn of a New Age in Musume

Artist Plug: Goose house

The End of an Era: Takahashi Ai’s Graduation Concert and the Future of Hello! Project UNCENSORED *updated with televised news coverage*

Morning Musume ’12 Smart’ Album Review

H!P All Stars Revamped?

How Deep Is Your Love?

Jin Akanishi Releases “Test Drive” MV A Wasted Potential or a Golden Opportunity?

The Dwindling Fire: Niigaki Risa to Graduate from Hello! Project and Morning Musume

The Dream Team Strikes: Dream Morning Musume Releases Shining Butterfly PV

Morning Musume Releases “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra” PV

A Dream Come True: Dream Morning Musume Special 2012 Budokan Concert

The Thrill of the Hunt: Morning Musume Release “Renai Hunter” PV

16 Members of AKB48 Perform at the Washington D.C. Lincoln Theater

Mitsui Aika to Graduate from Morning Musume

From the Shadows to the Spotlight: Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika Graduate from Hello! Project and Morning Musume


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