Berry Koubou Unveils “cha cha SING” MV

I don’t always write about Berryz, but when I do, it’s to gush about their latest release. Check out their MV for their latest single cha cha SING!

Cover tracks are definitely a tricky beast and it takes some real production talent to remake and remaster the original, and I can’t even begin to imagine how much of a struggle it is to make it sound brand new. For the group’s 29th single endeavor, they covered the popular Thai song Row Mah SING, found below:

Quirky and no less catchy, I’d say the Berryz girls did a great job of covering the single and making it their own. As always, there’s nothing particularly special about the actual MV, but you can’t help but love what you’re given.

Loved everything about that simple, but perfectly colored backdrop. It was a lovely stand-out and definitely complimented the girls’ outfits. Even with the ridiculous prop crowns, the members looked lovely and I’m struggling to find anything to complain about regarding their appearance…I mean, besides Momo‘s pigtails, but what can you do?

The song is so freakin’ catchy and it just builds to the bridge apex following a I-SING-YOU-SING kind of pattern. The funky synth beat going on in the background between verses just highlights the overall quirky tone of the song, and if that’s not enough to get you up and off your seat, the fun choreography just might do the trick.

With the UFA busting out catchy summer melodies left and right, Berryz joins that melee and proves they can hold their own in the epic smosh of summer medleys. Be sure to support the artists and purchase one (or all four) of their CD editions for their single.


3 responses to “Berry Koubou Unveils “cha cha SING” MV

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  3. I absolutely love this song! I cannot believe I said I wouldn’t like it especially when Berryz does these kind of songs that I love them the most (and their mature ones).

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