Howdy, international cyberpunks! This is your author and founder kjpop.

Not Another K-Blog was born during the summer of 2008 and originated as a personal transition from Blogger, where I had initially began writing my commentaries about the wonderful world of kpop. For the simple nostalgia factor, I have perused, but refused to edit my previous blog posts of my personal kpop golden age.

After my brief stint with the folks at Allkpop, I have long since moved on from the Korean pop scene and delved into the wonderfully crazy world of Jpop.

I am prone to long hiatus breaks from writing, poor grammar, and bitchy and forever-long commentary analyses of various Asian entertainment talents. I do, after all, have a life. But my personal aim with this blog is not only to share the wonderful world of Asian entertainment with the online community, but to also add a different perspective from the clear-cut news we all receive from the various online media mogul websites. Of course, I am very much grateful for those aforementioned sites, as their articles are the sources of my ranting subject matter.

After much reflection, I’ve decided that despite my lack of sincere interest in Kpop, that does not mean I will stop posting articles on occasion. And beyond the typical scope of Japan and Korean entertainment, I’ve mused myself with the idea of even expanding my horizons to Chinese entertainment. You’ll just have to stay along for the ride and see, won’t you? πŸ™‚


18 responses to “About

    you are hilarious my friend… your blog is very interesting..hope u find your way..lol

    MIA rox my sox, how about COX???? lol
    hit me up later dude….


    well, since i haven’t found my blog’s “Calling” i’ll just stick to being a jerk =D

    besides, I really don’t intend for my blog to be like as big as allkpop, shenyue, or popseoul XD

  3. Hello, fellow wonderful!! Huhu.. Lame, i know.. Niwaes, I was wondering if I could link your blog from mine?? Currently, i wanna link all Wonderfuls with blog, with related WONDER news… Huhu~

    btw, its kinda nice reading ur comments… Hahaha.. some were pretty hilarious but hey, a person got his own views…

    p/s: before i read this page, i seriously thought you were a guy. Sorry!!!

    **Wonder Girls’s Comeback is TMR!! **Yay!!**

  4. I get that a lot sometimes XD

    Hmm, sure go ahead and link ^__^

    I don’t usually just blog about the Wonder Girls though. It just so happens their comeback is around this time, so hence, I blog more about them ^__^

  5. hey, i’m a writer over at seoulbeats.
    i was reading some of your stuff, and i think you should consider being a guest writer for seoulbeats. we have op-ed features and i think your writing style would be perfect for an interesting piece.

    leave me a comment over at my website
    http://www.iheartkimchi.wordpress.com if you’re interested.

  6. @Ciaodahling – you’ll be hearing from me soon ^__^

    @ johnny – I’m like 5% jap ahha. I learned the language a while ago when i was into the whole Jpop scene, but I’ve been gradually getting more retarded as kpop sucks me in ><

  7. Hey, totally love your blog. Absolutely amazing. Just wanted to know if I can link my blog with yours. πŸ˜‰

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