Big Bang – Stand Up

Yes! Big Bang is back! Most definitely!…No, seriously. Back with another one of their mini teaser albums. Gosh, this constant teasing is killing me. I want another album from the boys. They leave me breathless (tee hee). Welp, let’s see how these guys did with their 3rd mini album.

  1. Stand Up – It’s just an intro song, but it gets you pretty pumped. The beat demands what the title of the song asks for. It’s a strong synth beat followed up with vocals and rap. If you didn’t get enough of G’s “wicky wicky” (lol sorry, I’m not sure what the proper term is), you hear it again here. Apparently the number one fails to exist as G-Dragon counts back from 5 to 0.
  2. Haru Haru – PIANO INTRO!!! It’s very “Lies” reminiscent to me. I don’t really know why because this song is obviously a lot different, but I think it’s due to the arrangement and that piano. Also, the vocals burst out during the chorus. I swear it reminds me ridiculously of “Lies.” The beat and arrangement are too familiar for me to appreciate. I liked the bridge part. Great display of vocals by Dae Sung and Tae Yang. I swear, I friggin’ love that piano riff in the background. If I appreciate anything in this song, it’s that piano.
  3. Heaven – String arrangement intro. These guys are trying to kill me. I must admit, I’m not a big fan of the “La La La” intro, but I really love Top and G’s “24/7” rap and the solo raps following afterward. Then we’ve got Tae Yang belting out his lovely voice. I won’t lie: When Tae Yang and Dae Sung crescendo to a higher pitch on their solo verses, I get a 70s disco feel. I’m sorry I’m old school. So far, this is my favorite track. That damn string arrangement did me in. “24/7 My heaven.”
  4. A Good Man – It’s official. These boys want me six feet under. A guitar intro this time? Seriously? Someone prepare a coffin. I’m not a fan of the singing you first hear, though. Harmonization could have been done way better. I’m thankful the verses are easier for me to listen to. I love the random lady singing during TOP’s rap. It’s a shame though. With such an amazing guitar intro riff, I was led to believe the rest of the song would be just as good. Guess we can’t have everything.
  5. Lady – “Excuse me, miss, girl?” Um…just kidding. The drastic change of song’s tone threw me off. The melody the guys carry during the verses sound familiar, but I’m liking it nonetheless. I seriously love G-Dragon’s rap. It’s an incredibly cheesy pick-up line, but when rapped, it would totally work. Not for everyone I guess, but if you’re a G fan, I’m sure you’re pleased.
  6. Oh My Friend (feat. No Brain) – Trading synth beats for guitar and drums? How “Dirty Cash”-ish. I really liked the verses, but my God. What the fuck is going up with the chorus? Are they seriously using screamo voices to sing “Oh my friend”? Ouch. Respect to No Brain, seriously, but I just find the screaming random. I’m all for trying new things and experimenting, but come on. This is just a little too intense for me to swallow. That guitar riff towards the end was pretty sweet and got me through the song. The message is cute though, so that’s why I can deal with it as well.

Overall: So Tae Yang’s done with his solo work. I’m pretty bummed about that. G-Dragon’s sporting a new tat and a new haircut as well. Honestly, G, what were you smoking when you got that haircut? You look like you have cancer. I’m not digging the eye make-up in their Haru Haru video either. G should have stayed in that straight jacket for the “Oh My Friend” video. LOL, sorry if I’m hating on G-Dragon a little too much. I’ll be serious now and start actually reviewing. I really love love LOVED how they incorporated some AMAZING instrumentals for most their tracks. I’m such a sucker for those and they answered my prayers. I was a kid in a candy store. I loved the fact that they experimented with a collaboration with No Brain. As much as I find the song incredibly random, I’ll just settle for the fact that they tried. Let’s see, what else, what else? Oh, ya. Their new image is ok, I guess. The eye make-up and G’s new haircut just kill it for me.


6 responses to “Big Bang – Stand Up

  1. ooo a review!

    “Apparently the number one fails to exist as G-Dragon counts back from 5 to 0.” <- lol loved that!

    yeh the intro is a bit misleading seeing as how none of the other songs follow its trend lol

    i thought haru haru sounded like Lies too… oh my friend is a bit too rock for me but eh, i’ll live

    GD looks weird now… but he was always my least favorite member soooo i dont relle mind XD

  2. is it a trend on this blog? GD was also always my least fav member…

    i haven’t listened to their album properly yet… but I gotta say lady is the song I like the most…

    Haru Haru and lies are basically the same song to me …
    not that great, but enjoyable…

  3. the no brainer collab was revolutionary… def a group worth following (Big bang)…. thanks for the review… How often do u review? interesting….

    Actually i`ll break the norm, Jiyong is my second fav..there!

  4. I review when I can or whenever I find interest in a group’s new works. I’m fairly picky, though X__X


    thanks for giving G some love. im sure he appreciates it.

  5. all the songs on the album were good.. “oh my friend” was actually really good.. i mean comparing to their other songs this had a different feel to it.. I like Haru Haru better than lies.. the feel, lyrics and composition of the song was way mature than lies..

    aww. GD Is my fav and i think he looked hot with the makeup!!! i guess i dont really care wat he wear because in the end i love to hear him rap!! he has a melodious tune to it!!! GD all teh way baby!

    can’t wait to see his solo album come out!

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