Former Morning Musume Member Goto Maki to Enter the AV Industry?

There isn’t much the idol industry can throw at me that would honestly leave my mouth wide open in shock, but with the rumor mill spurting out the terms “Goto Maki” and “AV” in the same sentences, well you try keeping your mouth shut.

MSN and Infoseek have recently released articles describing said rumors of former Morning Musume member Goto Maki making her AV industry debut shortly after releasing a nude photobook. So, cat got your tongue too? Now, mind you this is her life and she can do whatever she pleases with it. If she wants to retire from singing/performing, fine. If she wants to get into gravure and AV, that’s fine too. Despite my personal feelings regarding the issue, I’m sure there will be fans and non fans alike roaming around that are more than thrilled about these rumors.

However, one can easily sympathize along with the H!P/Momusu fandom in all this hubbub. Although she was ever the shining star on stage with her gift for show-stopping performances and jaw-dropping vocals, it was no secret to anyone that Maki had it pretty rough growing up. Issues with her brother and her mother’s sudden death had all but circulated like wildfire, obviously doing nothing to help her emotionally. Maki had just recently announced her hiatus from avex and kept up her relatively low profile up until her surprise appearance at the Dream Morning Musume concert.

All of a sudden fans were speculating of Maki’s possible return to the UFA. Photos of her “meet-up’s” with Tsunku had fueled the fire, but simmered into nothing once the former idol slipped into the shadows once again. And then this happened. I believe we’re all just kind of disappointed/sad/shocked with how this all turned out (if it’s true) because Maki is obviously a star in her own right, with all the talent in her arsenal to back it up.

But as a diva with a sexy, wilder side, I suppose it’s not too much of a deliberate shock. Besides, many an idol has walked this path toward AV and they seem to be doing just fine. Yes, it’s not the most glamorous and respectable of occupations, but you can’t decide what these women should do anyway.

I think the underlying hostility from the fans just goes into the whole possibility of this rumor smearing the Morning Musume name. Well, yeah no doubt the media will be like, “MAKI GOTO, FORMER MORNING MUSUME MEMBER AND AVEX SOLO ARTIST, WILL BE DEBUTING AS AN AV STAR BLAH BLAH BLAH!” And of course, there will be those people that are disgusted and disappointed with the decision and they may or may not continue to support the group because of it. Though, in my honest opinion, not supporting a group that a former-member-turned-AV-star was a part of once upon a time is pretty damn stupid if you ask me.

So, if the rumor mill is right with this one, here’s hoping the AV industry will treat Maki better and give her some damn happiness she deserves after all these years. And if it’s just a rumor, well that’s fine by me. It’ll be interesting to see what her former kouhais will say if she does delve into AV, but as for me, I suppose I’m indifferent. It’s up to you whether or not you want to continue supporting the woman, but it is important to realize that porn doesn’t exactly erase the talent from the woman. Heck, it just might expose you to something new!

6 responses to “Former Morning Musume Member Goto Maki to Enter the AV Industry?

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  2. Maki has always been one my favorites but I would rather she hang herself than turn into such a complete disgrace.

  3. Doubt she will go back to UFA. That’s a strange rumour.

    But to be honest, I wouldn’t care if this was true. She can do what she likes and she’s an adult! Loads of people seem to be really upset though.

    I’d treat this as a rumour no matter what.

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