A Dream Come True: Dream Morning Musume Special 2012 Budokan Concert

Many fans were a little hesitant when news of the creation of the super nostalgia group Dream Morning Musume first came about. “It’s just another one of UFA‘s many antics to reel in old fans,” we all said. Guilty as charged, right here. But tonight, the ladies of the past and present Morning Musume took the stage at the Budokan and gave us all a run for our money with their final special live concert.

This concert was a totally expected blast from the past. For the past few months, the wonderful women of Dream Morning Musume have been performing old school medley hits and promoting their single Shining Butterfly on various music shows. The practical repetition laced with blatant nostalgia was enough to turn off many a dedicated fan, but one can’t even begin to admit how great it was seeing them together again.

Budokan is packed with fans.

As March 10 slowly but surely came closer, news wave after news wave hit the media and fans were treated to sometimes pleasant, sometimes not surprises. Member Fujimoto Miki had to call a hiatus from the group due to her pregnancy; Nakazawa Yuko was reportedly going on media shows stating that this would not be the end for the group, and that she was getting married shortly after their final concert; former 4th and 1st generation members Tsuji Nozomi and Ishiguro Aya were reported to be joining the mega group for the final concert, as well as the current Morning Musume line-up.  With all these familiar faces popping up for this event, the rumor mill began bustling and several fans wondered if other former members would be making an appearance.

Going along with that wonderful nostalgia theme, here’s the setlist from tonight’s concert:

1. Happy Summer Wedding
2. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari
3. Souda! We’re Alive
4. Shining Butterfly
5. Daite HOLD ON ME!
6. Shabondama
7. Morning Coffe
8. SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte
9. Atto odoroku mirai ga yattekuru!
10. Mikan
11. Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~
12. I WISH
Tsunku’s appearance
13. Renai Hunter (Morning Musume)
14. Original Tanpopo medley
15. Original Pucchi Moni medley
16. The Peace (all)
17. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~
18. Memory Seishun no Hikari
19. 未来の扉インスピミラコーハッピーナイトメドレー ??
20. Summer Night Town
21. Koi no Dance Site
22. LOVE Machine
23. Renai Revolution 21
24. Dekkai Uchuu Ni Ai ga Aru

A string of hits from past and present, with an emphasis on past of course. Perhaps the most wonderful treats from the concert from this evening were the reunion performances for the oldies, but goodies groups Tanpopo and Pucchi Moni, the sneak peak live performances for Morning Musume’s upcoming single Renai Hunter, and of course 3rd generation  member Goto Maki making a wonderful and almost predictable appearance.

Tanpopo Reunion with Aya, Kaori, Rika, and Mari!

Puchi Moni Reunited!

Current Morning Musume line-up performing Renai Hunter.

Since her final appearance during her last G-Emotion concert, Maki has been keeping it on the down low, opting for a change of scene from the spotlight to another (beautiful) face in the crowd. However, the ace diva just couldn’t seem to stay away and lose an opportunity to perform with her former members as she’s back on stage once more, rocking a blonder hair scheme and still looking fabulous. A little predictable for me, since Tsunku and the UFA made no real effort to hide any future possible collaborations. After having Dream Morning Musume appear at her final concert, and her appearance at Takahashi Ai‘s graduation concert with former members, it was hard not to believe that she would not show.

For long-time fans of Morning Musume, this is probably the closest thing for a grand mega-reunion we’ll get. While we were lacking some 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th generation members, I guess this is as good as it gets, and by God did they work with what they had. It just goes to show that you never really get over seeing your idols in those ridiculous stage outfits, singing songs from since they debuted until current times, and having that sort of fun on stage that gets the fans in the crowd pumped like nothing else. We can say we’re sick and tired of hearing Renai Revolution/Love Machine, sick of seeing these women doing that same thing, saying the same stuff on various shows, but I sometimes wonder if we would say that if they really went away for good? Of course, knowing the UFA, that won’t happen.

A full-blown THE PEACE performance!

The group has implied that this is the last, but with Yuko trolling around shows and each of the members off doing their own promotions and activities, who really knows? With the UFA, no one ever knows, even if we say they’re predictable and whatnot. I’d like to sit here and remain pleasantly surprised. After all, they did make this concert happen and I guess I can say (as cheesy as it may sound), dorimusu really do come true.

The closing chapter?

4 responses to “A Dream Come True: Dream Morning Musume Special 2012 Budokan Concert

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  2. I wonder why UFA had a sudden change to let Aya, Maki join. I thought for years Aya were banned because I know UFA is so strict with people who don’t leave on good terms. Whatever though I’m happy they made an appearance. Only if they invited one more of the following: Kago, Fukada, The Pandas, or Konno then I’d be complete.

  3. I was at the concert last night as well. The vibe of this was different from when they perform back at Nakano Sun Plaza in October which I also attended as well. I guess it is the prestige of performing at the Nippon Budokan and the appearance of Goto Maki, Tsuji Nozomi, and Ishiguro Aya. I enjoyed the concert and that is what counts. I would fly down to Japan again if they have another concert like this. BTW, I was wondering where you were sitting at the concert ? I was in the 1st floor, third row, East section.

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