Morning Musume Release Full One Two Three MV!

After a week or so of trolling from Tsunku and the UFA team, Morning Musume has finally released the full MV product of their 50th milestone single One Two Three. So was it worth the extended editing process? Or were fans once again trolled to oblivion? Let’s check it out below:

From the moment we’re introduced to that title screen, with enough sparkle and shine to rival that of a freshly opened bottle of champagne, we’re introduced to the whole “extended editing” post-film process that prolonged the wait. More on that later.

The dance portion of the song stays ever the same, with the addition of the slightly overpowering video edits of sparkles and lens flare glares, and different shooting angles of the girls for some solo emphasis.

The solo bits took on a very small, but interesting change. While we still happen to have the usual members-singing-against-a-very-simple-but-still-glitter-and-mirror backdrop, the team added a very interesting conceptual addition of  model poses upon a rotating platform. It’s more of an extended solo pose shot of the introductory sequence on the title screen, but it’s still a very nice addition to the otherwise typical mix of dance and solo shots.

All in all, I’m a tad bit disappointed, but perhaps with all the talk and this being the 50th single and such a bangin’ good song, I had my hopes up a little too high.  I’ll return to add some screenshots of the video later, but for now let’s talk about some personal thoughts. Yes, admit it, you know you were on the “THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AMAZING, THEY’RE TAKING SO LONG TO EDIT IT…Oh god, why is it crap?” bandwagon at one point. No need to be ashamed, I was on there, too after all. But in all honesty, I had really wanted to give Tsunku and the team the benefit of the doubt that they would really, really go all out and try something new with this single.

And mind you, they did try. It just so happens that they didn’t try according to our standards and once again failed to meet our expectations. But then again, do they ever? We all hoped that they’d break the mold and try something new. Plot? More outfits? Plot? Outdoors? Plot? But while we all bitch and moan about how the video lacked the pizazz appropriate of such a monumental single, let’s take a few moments to stop, breathe, and appreciate the small and easily overlooked points of mediocre progress made by the creative department.

First, it looks like the creative team has at least tried to graduate from using their beloved green screen and moved on to overlaying graphic effects directly onto shot video footage. I honestly don’t think any amount of green screen would have made any of those distracting effects any better, and they at least TRIED to add some glitz to the otherwise plain black/mirror/sparkly backdrop. Though the sparkles tend to be a double-edged sword in that they really do, at some points, tend to take away from the overall video and can be particularly distracting and slightly tacky.

I really wish they’d do something more with the rotating platform solo shots. I’m not exactly sure what I’m thinking of, nor what the director was thinking of, and maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee yet, but I feel as though they could have done something a little more than that. Though, if they were to take away the additional effects, the rotating solo stage and the mirror shots would have been sufficient enough to show off just how pretty the girls have gotten. Make-up heavy, but still glowing and gorgeous, the girls are all showing off a new, more mature sort of style that fits the song rather well. Besides, Dashii is looking so flawless.

EDIT: Now I know where I was going with the above comment. The rotating platform scene with the girls standing in their poses made them look particularly doll-like and peculiarly lifeless (for lack of a better term). It was almost like the introductory mannequin scene from SNSD‘s Gee. It would have been cool to see the girls try to transition from the mannequin-like facade and literally “break out” from their “lifeless shells” and one-by-one head on to the main set where they all come together to do the dance. That would have been cool, and would at least add an interesting transition.

So before we throw in the towel and burn effigies in our anger and disappointment, we should at least try to appreciate the team’s efforts at something somewhat new? And besides, we still have the Manterou Show MV to look forward, too right? Hey, I’m just trying to be positive here. If we constantly go into the promotional process with high expectations and quick criticisms, I don’t understand how anyone could actually take the time to be a fan and appreciate the work that was actually done. It’s good to expect something more, and to strive to work harder for something better, but sometimes it’s best to put your weapons down. It’s the little things, isn’t it? Not everything can be a kpop or whatever quality production, and with a company like the UFA, one really must learn to take value of the small details as opposed to the glaringly obvious.

Then again, this being the 50th single, I would think that the company would give half a shit’s worth to at least put more than the usual effort. I’m not sure what they’re thinking, trying to get away with pulling out a half-assed bit of glitter and glam to the usual MV recipe. For such a great song as this is, the PV is understandably disappointing for many. The fact that so many fans are so quick to dismiss “laziness” on the part of the company just shows how jaded we’ve become (including myself, yes), how used to low quality and how quick we are so dismiss the lack of effort as the usual. It’s sad really.

Anyway, while I’m off to take some screenies, I’d like to hear what you guys think of it!

4 responses to “Morning Musume Release Full One Two Three MV!

  1. I thought it was pretty good. I love the colours in the whole PV but I feel like the PV is too sparkly for me hahha So many sparkly effects to be honest but it works! I was happy to see so much Masaki though, loads of shots for her. Especially Kudo.

    The editing is a bit annoying with the parts that look like they’ve been repeated in editing (I do not know how to describe that even though I did Media >__<). The cutting to another member is not bad if you ask me, it could have been faster but thankfully it's not.

    • LOL The post-editing was total rubbish. Absolutely rubbish. It’s like, they had no idea how to make it better so they go for what they ALWAYS do, but it did more harm than good.

      Kudou and Masaki worked their solos beautifully. All the girls did.

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  3. I watched the video and counted on each of the jump cuts what girls were on screen. If it was a dance shot I only counted it if it was different from the previously released dance shot and only if the girls in question were looking at the camera. Close ups were easy. The spinning swirling parts counted everyone. I did this for every cut – the number is how many times they’re on screen. I did not count seconds because I do not hate myself but I counted each and every jump cut (if it was on a girl and jump cut to be on the same girl) which consequently helped out Misaki and Fukumura the most: Ayumi 47, Fukumura 33, Iikubo 17, Ikuta 29, Kanon 19, Kudou 24, Misaki 23, Reina 45, Riho 64, Sayumi 47 are the totals I got.

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