Morning Musume Release Wakuteka Take a Chance PV!

And I am absolutely floored. That’s a good thing I swear!

I’ve been away for a while (and truthfully I don’t believe I’ll be keeping this blog up to date for much longer due to personal time constraints and real life), but I come back to this PV and man, am I impressed! You know, I never thought I’d constantly be praising UFA’s creative department, but with each successive recent PV release, it’s quite difficult not to! I will edit this post later with screen caps.

First off, when the song first came out, I was pretty impressed. The song follows the recent trend of a modern sound, with an over abundant reliance on auto-tune and club-ish beats pumping in the background. It’s kind of generic, but it caught on with me pretty quickly. Though everyone has a line, it would be nice to actually be able to distinguish the voices without that painful autotune masking their individuality.

As for the PV, the background setting kind of confused me. But I was a big fan of the lights and the light-up block thing the girls took turns laying on. It fit the tone of the PV very well, and hell, you can’t deny how sexy they all look just laying there *wink*. The solitary posing (group and solo) were a nice balance to the energetic and unique choreography. I don’t know about you guys, but if it wasn’t for the choreography I would have probably dismissed this song quite easily. I love everything about the choreography. It just transcends the usual line up and adds from desperately needed variety into the mix! Can’t speak anything but praises about it!

As for the effects, well another round of high fives for the creative department! Compared to the overwhelming acid trip that was One Two Three, the effects for this PV were a lot more subdued and thank god. It complimented the subdued color tone of the PV, which allowed the girls to stand out beautifully in their neon outfits (hooray for Reina’s cat ears, btw). My only subtle complaint comes with the fire effects. UFA, seriously, you gotta calm down your inner pyro.

The outfits are tolerable, but those colors man! A bit too neon for my personal taste, but hey, it works pretty well with the PV. And another shout out to Reina’s cat ears.

Overall, definitely pleased with the outcome! The company is learning from its mistakes slowly but diligently and it definitely shows in their recent promotion efforts! Great job, UFA. You’ve left me relatively speechless and incredibly pleased! Best part? This is apparently only the temporary version. Can’t wait to be hit full throttle with the final!

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