Welcome to The Matenrou Show!

After the release of the 1st A-side for the 50th single, it seemed as though momentum was just rolling in Morning Musume‘s favor. The dance shot version of One Two Three has just hit 1 million+ views and is still going strong a week later. Even with the numerous fans that manage to time and again complain about line-distribution or certain member’s “lack of enthusiasm,” the group and their upcoming 50th single have been the talk of the town, lately.

And to keep that momentum going, a recent radio rip of their 2nd A-side The Manterou Show has just dropped! You ready?

Tsunku had written some lovely comments regarding the creative process behind this monumental single on his blog recently, and his words might have probably skewed some fans’ hopes and dreams regarding line distribution for this A-side. Check out the single below:

So, we’ve got another Reina+Riho lead and honestly, at this point we really shouldn’t be surprised anymore. Like at all. Tsunku had specifically mentioned the single would be the R-squared lead, but “of course the other girls sing, too!” I have nothing against either of the leads, but I do understand why some fans are upset regarding the distribution. With Reina obviously preparing to depart soon, the group is digging a lovely little hole for themselves regarding future performances.

Or so some believe. Though we haven’t exactly gotten the best impression of most of the girls’ vocals through recent singles, we are all aware that each of the other members are capable of singing and have the potential to be leads themselves. It’s just that they aren’t being “treated fairly” as some fans would put it, and fail to gain any respectably notable lines within the recent major singles. 50 singles later, Reina probably has the majority of most the lines in all the singles since, well, she’s vocally capable. We all know that, and we all know about Riho being pushed to the front.  While this can potentially hurt the group, since some fans might be “uncertain” about the other girls being vocally capable of taking the reigns, the rest of us know better, and I suppose at this point it’s a matter of patience to see how the management will go about distributing said lines when the time comes. It just so happens that fans are getting irritated and restless, but we all know that patience is a virtue we must acquire when it comes to this fandom.

That being said, I quite like The Manterou Show. In contrast to the modern electro-pop One Two Three, TMS has a more retro-flare that is a practical signature of Morning Musume and Tsunku-productions. Though some say it’s generic and rather forgettable, I wouldn’t count TMS down and out just yet. It has the potential to be something impressive, especially if the management goes about directing the MV properly (but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that; just trying to give them the benefit of the doubt…). I’m hell-bent on showgirls for this one, but with the “sneak peaks” of the outfits for the single on the final episode of HPT, I’ll probably end up disappointed.

Regardless, people need to become aware: this is the 50th single for the group. When you’ve got a modern sexy dance song coupled with a discothique funky-fresh single, you have group dynamic and metamorphosis personified in music. The group has come a damn long way since Ai no Tane, and they’re just going to keep changing up their dynamic and image from here on out. As fans, we should take the time to appreciate this constant transition into something new, and continue to support them despite our butt-hurt feelings regarding line distribution. I did after all say that the group as a whole was constantly morphing and molding into something different, but I never said anything about the seemingly stagnant line-distribution, did I?

Just kidding.

But as we all wait patiently for the full PVs and whatnot to drop, let’s try not to get under each other’s skin too badly, ok? Hang tight for the full One Two Three PV, everyone! It’s dropping this week! And if you haven’t done so already, be sure to pre-order the singles on CDJapan and Amazon and other certified music retailers to support the girls!


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