Life After Graduation? Tanaka Reina Holds Band Auditions

Are you a young girl between the ages of 15-22, with a great talent in singing or guitar playing? Are you interested in joining a rock group with Morning Musume‘s very own Tanaka Reina? Well, looks like Tsunku‘s got just the thing for you!

Auditions begin on June 17 and will last for a total of 4 weeks. Let it be known that this is a side-project for our rokkie, but it has already sparked some wonderful conversation amongst fans.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Reina (and Sayu) have their days numbered when it comes to their time in Morning Musume.  The clock is ticking, and I think we’re all just waiting for that inevitable announcement to pop up any moment now. The only “surprises” the company could pull now is whether or not these two rokkie members will graduate together or separately, but I digress.

So this trio band is going to be a side project for Reina and the announcement seems to have come out of the blue. Is it the UFA’s way of letting fans brace themselves for that graduation announcement? Or does Reina really want to expand her musical horizons beyond the bubbly and corny idol music scene? Whatever the reason may be, good for her. There is life after graduation!

Besides, with the release of Morning Musume’s One Two Three dance shot yesterday, and even earlier with the release of the live performance, fans have been vocalizing their dissatisfaction with Reina’s “lazy” dancing and “lack of interest” when it comes to performing alongside the young and over-enthused newbies in the group. Some people had even went far enough to say things along the lines of “She just doesn’t seem to care anymore. Just graduate already! I’m sick of her!!” Tough crowd. And it’s just too early in the morning for me to actually address these criticisms, so I’ll just leave ya’ll to it.

Personally speaking, I’m totally rooting for this unit because it’s a lot different from the usual “life after graduation” paths that most former Musume members take. Away from the stage plays, variety show appearances, and drama/movie cameos, it seems as though Reina is looking forward to actively continue her career in music. Of course, that’s assuming that if and when she does graduate from Morning Musume, the higher up’s decide to not kick her out of this band unit as well. Besides, rocker Reina was always an image that I thought seemed to suit her more than the variety idol/actress image anyway. Her stint on Uta no Rakuen kind of sealed the deal for me regarding that image. She knows how to get the crowd pumping, and I for one would love to see her do some epic crowd surfing. But for now, let’s get this unit established, ne?


Anyone else stoked for this? New-age Buono? HP’s take on SCANDAL? I for one, am totally down with this. Rock on!

Best of luck to all the applicants! For anyone interested in applying, please visit the following: 


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