Establishing the New Era: Morning Musume release One•Two•Three Dance Shot PV

Are you ready for another hit from the girls to drive you wild? Because after Tsunku tweeted about the release of the dance shot for the One Two Three PV today, I just about fangirled myself to tears.

The girls are releasing 7 WHOPPING editions of this double A-side, so please be sure to purchase the singles and support our artists! Limited A and B editions feature our 6th generation members, Limited C and D feature the 9th generation kiddies, and Limited E and F have our cutie pies from 10th generation. Each of the aforementioned editions will have a special B-side that is unique to the generation, so go and get ’em while they’re hot! Along with being the 50th memorial milestone, this marks the first single under the leadership of our favorite pink princess, Michishige Sayumi and her beloved lolicon army.

When we were first introduced to One•Two•Three, the group had just recently lost 5th gen member Niigaki Risa and 8th gen member Mitsui Aika. The group’s website was updated with a group picture that took some getting used to (at least on my part) since Gaki was always someone I could count on being there (darn you mental conditioning!!), but everything takes baby steps after all. Then the week’s episode of Hello! Pro Time leaked a few behind the scenes footage of the girls in their new single cover spread shoot, and immediately fans were up in arms about the outfits, the hairstyles…you know, the usual.  But despite the minor setback of the compulsory rush of criticisms from fans and non-fans alike, the girls surprised fans and an audience of about 31,000 people at the 2012 Girls Award by performing one of their new A-sides, decked out with high, sexy tension and those outfits leaked from before. If anyone had a problem with those outfits before, well, that problem either escalated or dwindled down to nothing with the footage released from their performance.

The dance was all sorts of epic. It wasn’t Maji Desu Ka level of simple, which kept me watching long enough to judge. It was hot, it was sort of sexy, and slightly awkward to sit through but no one cares about my personal feelings anyway. It was the right level of intensity and “cool” to keep your attention held for the duration of the song. The moves were mature without being too blatantly slutty, and it wasn’t the typical wink-wink-I’m-so-adorable-please-look-at-me-skip dance moves. Just right. Finally, the newer generations were able to show they were capable of overcoming mediocrity and could excel past the usual idol fluff. Plus, I love that Macarena meets Vogue fusion dance for the interlude. These 80s and 90s dance shout-outs make me feel a little better about being old.

Admittedly, I was one of the few to feel rather uncomfortable with the way the younger members were shakin’ their groove things on stage, but it wasn’t so much of a turn off that I couldn’t bear to watch the full performance. The single was fresh, it was hot. The lyrics could be considered to be on the more daring side of the spectrum with all those lovely little implications and such, but it complimented the entire feel of the song nicely. It was kpop to some, electropop to others, or H!P with a modern twist to the rest. Whatever it was, it was awesome and was well received by the international and Japanese community. Even the usual online communities known for their sharp words and criticisms found something to praise with the performance, and that pretty much shocked me. Mildly.

But from the criticism that was shared, only a few managed to catch my eye outside the usual troll comments. I agreed with everyone about the auto-tune. Not a huge fan. I get that not all the girls can sing like Reina, Gaki, or Ai and I realize it’s going to take some time before they will ever reach that sort of talent vocally (if ever), but you’ve got to give the other girls more than a frickin’ syllable to show what they’ve got! And the auto-tune was almost choking me. It fit nicely with the style of the song, so I suppose it was permissible, an almost necessary evil per se.  We got a taste of the auto-tuned vocals flavor with the B-side to Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, Kanashiki Koi no Melody and several other singles before. It’s almost like the company was trying to train our palette for this sort of sound for a while now. Very crafty, UFA, I see what you did there.

And I suppose I should bring up the issue with line-distribution, but I feel as though that’s a losing battle. I will like to mention that as much as I love her to death, Sayashi Riho, talented little pipsqueak that she is, has a few years before she can start belting out “whoa” adlibs like Takahashi. I realize that the company is hellbent on making her the ace of the new age and I have absolutely no problem with that, but give the girl some elbow room to grow before you start shoving that sort of pressure on the poor girl. That can’t be good for the psyche, or the atmosphere in the rehearsal studio for the other girls. Or it might be good. Add some necessary tension and competition to out-do one another. Sounds just like how it was way back in the day, huh? Oh nostalgia.

Besides, all bickering aside, Tsunku had let fans hear about the release of Morning Musume’s dance shot version for the One Two Three PV that dropped TODAY! Check it out below:

Nothing too different from what we have already seen via the Girls Award performance, aside from the obviously polished dance moves and PV setting. Same outfits, and the backdrop is a simple set of golden drapery, which is simple and it kind of makes the girls in white and rainbows stand out sufficiently. It definitely makes the imagination go wild with how the full PV will look. The black background is also a very familiar setting, and I kind of hoping that there will be more to it, but with the UFA’s track record with these things, I’ll just keep my expectations down before drowning myself in disappointment.

The audio is also a lot crisper and easier on the ears. After the various radio rips and cleaned up performance audio versions of the live, I can say that fans were treated to a very sufficient sneak peak of the full audio. The auto-tune, thankfully enough is not as  choking, and still manages to get me singing along like a total fool. And surprisingly enough, I quite enjoyed the energy and sharper motions that came with the live performance as opposed to the PV. Nervous tension does a performer a lot of good, sometimes. But whatever the reason, it’ll have to slide for now. Besides, this being only the dance shot, there’s hardly much anyone can expect in terms of super quality when it comes down to it.

I found it kind of amusing to read comments left and right about how this was a style that wasn’t “Momusu” style. Can you tell me what that style is? Because last I checked, their singles are kind of all over the place, so if you happen to have a word that sufficiently describes all of that in one style, by all means take the wheel. But as I’ve stated many, many times before, this is an evolution, a necessary metamorphosis that could lead to an incoming flux of new generation fans! It’s exciting times for the fandom, and even more exciting for the girls, I’m sure. Though time is ticking regarding Reina and Sayu’s remaining hours/days/months/years in the group (pardon me for being so blunt and depressing about it), it’s good to know that they’re relishing the time they have left and helping ease the fanbase into a new era of Morning Musume. Hell, we’ve got Reina smiling. Bless that little Sato and the rest of the kiddies for making miracles happen.

9th and 10th generation members are consistently surprising me. Every time I’ve concluded that the girls have hit the limit when it comes to talent or comfort levels on stage, they just come out with each concert or single and prove me wrong each time. I suppose there’s a reason behind my cynicism, but if it keeps making me surprised with each performance and single release, well damn that’s perfectly fine with me. While I don’t want the company to be pushing the sexy too hard on the youngins, I am kind of happy they are testing the waters with what they’ve got. Cute is great and everything, and I love me some genki, but I’m holding on to Sayu and Reina for dear life because they’re the only ones left I can legally oogle at for a sex appeal fix without feeling like a dirty old pedobear. Just wait a few years before you start shoving the girls in those signature garters, please. Kthx.

But in all seriousness, I’m finding myself less worried about the future of the group. Even with the last two members of platinum era slowly but surely making their exit  from the group, the newbies and up-coming set of impressionable talent from the 11th generation auditions will most likely be rocking the show just fine without their senpai. Guess we’re in for some pretty smooth sailing for the most part, ladies and gents.


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