On Heavy Rotation Part I: What Am I Listening To?

So this is a little new thing I’m going to be sharing. I don’t know how many of you readers out there are new or old, casual or regulars, but whatever the case may be I’d like to try something new to make this blog a little more “discussion” friendly? The usual set up of this blog has generally been commentary on mainstream jpop/kpop artists releases or major events, with a sprinkle or two of random editorials about nothing in particular in certain fandoms here and there. I tried the whole artist plug thing, but real life got in the way and it takes a damn lot of research to provide ya’ll with correct information about said artists, and time is just a luxury I don’t have. Besides, I want to let the readers know that I don’t just listen to the mainstream kpop/jpop stuff, because I’m obviously too hipster fly for that. And sharing is caring. You don’t have to like my suggested songs, but hopefully it helps expand your musical playlists just a tad. And if you guys have anything you’re listening to that you feel deserves to be heard and recommended, shoot it down in the comments section and I’ll feature it in Part II. So welcome to the first edition of “On Heavy Rotation: What Am I Listening To?”

Where oh where to begin? Well, first it’s no secret I’m a k-indie junkie, and rehab is overrated. First off, here’s a bit of Glen Check and their single Dressing Room. This is the acoustic version, which I happen to prefer over the electronica jumble original. Most of their other stuff is in English and taps into the sort of sound that’s kind of a mix of techno beats and new age guitar riffs. It’s totally something I could hear in the indie scene in America, but it’s good to know that Korea’s got this sort of sound going for them in their side of the world as well.


I usually hate remixes, unless you consider stripped acoustic versions with sexy guitar riffs to fall in that category, but most people would argue with me. I usually hate venturing off into the wide world of j-idols, too. It’s just so damn extensive and filled with bubbly adorable that I freak out when I feel like it’s slowly sucking me in. But this next guy has managed to take two things I generally avoid and mash ’em together beautifully.

This is one of the several remixes by DJ Amaya, and he’s done just about anything and everything in both the kpop and jpop worlds. Taking familiar tunes and adding house beat twists to some classics, it’s hard not to get sucked in. I was already a pretty big fan of PASSPO before this guy, but I just fell in love with his mix of their single Shoujo Hikou. Be sure to check his other stuff out! You’ll see he’s done mixes for artists like Morning Musume, Perfume, 2NE1, in addition to his own stuff! The best part: You can download most of these mixes off his site!


It’s summer and I hate the heat more than anything, but these next talented set of voices manage to make me hate summer a little less by making me feel like I’m at more of a beach setting than hellfire inferno. In all my years of Korean music scene appreciation, I’ve always had a soft spot for Fluxus Entertainment artists. The title ” 우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다” is kind of a mouthful, but there’s no quiz after this so you can sit down. It’s a revamped mix of a song written and composed by Fluxus artist  Bae Youngjun, and it was only recently that company had its artists re-release the single with a ukulele flare complemented by the beautiful vocals of abundant talent under Fluxus. Now get me a pina colada, and we’ll call it a day.


I heard about podo through arama, and I’m glad I found them. Originally, their name was “pedo” but once they had learned the meaning behind the word, they made the intelligent decision to revise it.  The trio began around 2002, but I believe that it was just recently that these guys started promoting themselves heavily in the music scene in Tokyo. If you’re looking for something that isn’t idol pop or mainstream in general, check these guys out.


I’m really not all that well-versed in C-pop or whatever, but I listen to whatever my YouTube page happens to recommend to me. I discovered these guys by total and utter chance, and I just happened to fall in love with them as soon as I hit the play button. The guys aren’t your typical pretty boys or grungy rock artists, but Cosmos People (I think that’s what it translate too…) make up for their not-so-sexy rockstar images with their fun, funky music. I can’t understand a damn word they’re saying, but that’s perfectly fine with me.


This last bit is kind of embarrassing and I kind of hate myself for admitting to it, but damn let it be known that it really doesn’t take much to get something stuck in my head for days. Actually, I’m about 3 months too late with the American music trend, but that’s what I get for listening to everything but the mainstream in my own country. I came about this song thanks to the various tumblr parodies I stumbled upon for various fandoms, and it wasn’t until I googled the parody lines that I realized it was a song. Sorry, I’m a little behind with the times. But you should still probably call me, maybe 😛 And yes, I listen to American/English music, too. I’m laughing at myself for posting this because I’m pretty sure this just flushes any credibility behind my musical tastes down the drain, but whatever yo. Haters gon’ hate.


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