Jin Akanishi Releases “Test Drive” MV

While I for one was never much of a Johnny’s enthusiast, I have to admit that former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi‘s recent attempts at an American music scene breakthrough have caught my eye.


As sure as the sun rising, fangirls have been enthusiastically following Jin Akanishi as he works hard at making a name for himself here in the wide entertainment world in the U.S. It’s scary and rather intimidating, especially for foreign acts, and it doesn’t help in the slightest that few have even managed to get their names and works played on the airwaves. I could only imagine the frustration, but no one ever said it would be easy.

After leaving jpop Johnny’s sensation KAT-TUN (and breaking fangirls’ hearts across the world), Jin immediately delved into his solo American project. Utilizing the wonderful world of YouTube, Jin’s essentially expressed his reasons for leaving and provided his fans and potential new fans a little insight into his upcoming project with American R&B sensation Jason Derulo. In case you missed it, here are those two “Takeover” videos:

While the first video heavily focused on some necessary background information on Jin, the latter gave fans a sneak peak of sorts into the music video of his upcoming debut single with Mr. Derulo “Test Drive.” Along with the club beats and silky smooth vocals of the two male artists, fans can look forward to a testosterone-driven MV filled with sexy girls and sexy cars. As the director stated, “It’s kind of like a guy’s fantasy.” Yeah…not like that’s been beaten over the head multiple times before or anything.

Now that I know there’s really nothing to look forward to in the video, I suppose I have the single to actually enjoy. “Test Drive” actually drops TODAY on iTunes and Amazon! Support him by clicking this link here! And here for iTunes!

The lyrics seem to have a typically vapid feel to them, which is to be expected with most mainstream sounds from America these days. I like the beat and the melody and Jin’s english isn’t excruciatingly painful to listen to (singing, nor speaking). Although I’m not exactly freaking the fuck out of my pants like most fangirls of his probably are, I think Jin is going about this U.S. debut of his the right way compared to his other fellow Asian artists that have tried to break through the scene.

Take for example Jin’s close friend BoA. Do I really need to explain this atrocity again? Please don’t make me. It seems like the Best of Asia just wasn’t quite good enough for America.

Anyone else remember this masterpiece by Se7en and Lil Kim? While Se7en did manage to score a key collaboration with an American artist, Lil Kim isn’t exactly selling out concerts left and right like Jason Derulo. I won’t lie though, the puns and lame lyrical shout-outs to MJ, Mariah Carey, and Google were absolute highlights.

But I digress. Since Jin’s going about this whole collaborative effort correctly (bagging himself a key artist instead of a D-list nobody), rocking the English language remotely well, and rocking the hipster flyboy chic, let’s hope his career here in the states isn’t as short-lived as his predecessors. I do hope he gets rid of those beanies/fedora hats and hipster glasses though; the hipster look doesn’t exactly want me to rip my clothes off and worship the guy. Maybe it’s just strange for me not seeing his signature bishie hair flowing everywhere. Anyway, support the man, buy the single, and check out this interview he had with Pacific Rim Video at the “Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas” K-Town Premiere!

EDIT: Here’s the official MV! Yes, his hair finally makes a guest appearance! Haha~ Nothing mind-blowing, that’s for sure. But the quality difference between this and the two other MVs is quite obvious.


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