Wonder Girls reveal “Be My Baby” MV

And what a comeback indeed! From the hard image and sexy rock sounds that came with their teasers to the Single Ladies-esque MV just released, the Wonder Girls seem to be armed and ready to take on the kpop scene once again!

Granted, I haven’t written much about kpop, much less the Wonder Girls, in a long, long, LONG time. For personal beefs I have with kpop…er I just won’t get into that. But personal beefs aside, I can’t help but write about the single group that reeled me in to modern kpop. At least for old times’ sake.

So wonderfuls/kpop fans were treated to 2 very tantalizing MV teasers prior to the release of the MV for their comeback single “Be My Baby,” and boy did they tease. From the very beginning of the first teaser, we were treated to a rock-heavy inspired image of the girls that we hardly ever saw outside of magazine photoshoot spreads and the like. Imagine the look on my face when I first stumbled upon the teaser! Aside from the achingly irritating and repetitive “Right now” chant that lasted the duration of the teaser, the girls more than made up for it by upping that sexy ante and shaking their stuff like no tomorrow. This ain’t the Wonder Girls you grew up with, that’s for sure.

I don’t know about you, but that was definitely a teaser that was hard to swallow. Not because it was too sexy or anything (you can never be too sexy LOL), but simply because all I had running through my mind was “Are these really the same girls that released Nobody and 2 Different Tears?” All that cute and girl-next-door pop was kind of just thrashed to the ground and tossed aside with the release of the teasers, and to be honest, I could just be out of the loop regarding kpop (and I definitely am), but my God was that just hard to swallow! That’s not to say it’s a bad thing; just different. Something I’m definitely not used to, and it just made me feel slightly uncomfortable as a former/closet fan.

The second teaser really did not stray that much further from the first. More shots of a sexed up Wonder Girls, along with really brief scenes from the full MV for “Be My Baby,” as well as an audio teaser for the track as well.

And today, the full MV for their comeback single was released and the teasing stopped here. If the setting/overall art direction for the MV seemed oddly familiar to you, well it should. The girls enlisted the help of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” choreographer Jonte to help coordinate the dance for the song. And it just so happened the MV setting and outfits were a more tasteful version of the aforementioned song’s. Coincidence, I suppose.

There’s really not much to say about the video. The girls seem have to strayed from the almost-expected comical MV plots that have always managed to be featured in their MVs. I guess that was to be expected as soon as those “mature” teasers were released. A new route for the Wonder Girls, the road most taken by many a kpop act so it seems. Though I for one and happy that they’ve decided to mature as artists and moved on, those silly plotlines will be missed.

The song “Be My Baby” doesn’t stray too far from their hyper-repetitive chorus recipe, but it’s not exactly typically kpop either. With a tinge of retro-pop, the song is almost laced with a hint of jpop flavor. It could just be me, but the song does have the potential to be released as a Japanese single, though lord knows I will be screaming “NAY” at the top of my lungs if that possibility were to ever happen.  It’s cute, it’s sweet, it’s also got some holiday sounds to it, but I’m not fawning over it like other fans that have been patiently waiting the girls’ comeback. Maybe I’m still bitter, but whatever the reason, I don’t really care all that much. I’ll support the girls from where I stand.

Needless to say, I do like the comeback single. It’s not retro and it’s not so cute that it’s a turn off. It’s a great combination of catchy, cute, and sexy, and the single/girls can safely reach out to an audience that isn’t strictly limited to their fanbase and those kpop fans that are just in it for the cuteness. Without having to resort to any off-putting promotional schemes, and without having to sacrifice the image that was uniquely theirs, the Wonder Girls have made quite the comeback. While I’m still hoping for those two teasers to secretly be a MV waiting to be released, I guess the MV for “Be My Baby” will have to suffice for the time being, and I’m perfectly alright with that.

That being said, do support the girls by purchasing their single/2nd album tracks off of iTunes and purchase their CDs as well!

7 responses to “Wonder Girls reveal “Be My Baby” MV

  1. I know I’ll get used to it but I’m disappointed. Like other people I expected fierce from the teasers and it was misleading. However I began to think that: “When have Wonder Girls ever been fierce? And would they be able to pull that style all the time?” The girls must have been used to the retro style and honestly, this is still retro and pop. I’ll support Wonder Girls and learn the dance but not too impressed still. :/ Gonna write an article on my blog too.

  2. For some reason. I really love it when you wrte. Let it be a wonder girls post or not. I’m happy, just by reading some of your thoughts. But hey the girls are finally back to give some food to us, hungry fans.

  3. I was feeling much of the same… WonderMent… do these teasers herald the “new” Wonder Girls? And would there still be enough of the original I loved?
    Now that I have the full album, I am reassured. The sounds and girls I loved are still with us. LOVE YOU Wonder Girls!!!

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