Artist Plug: Goose house

If you happen to follow me on twitter, to be friends with me on facebook, or to be subscribed to my youtube channel, then you surely should have noticed the influx of likes/favorites/retweets/overall shameless fangirling and plugging for a particular group of young Japanese performers all over my page(s). For those of you not in the know, you better start following me on twitter the group I’m talking about refers to themselves as Goose house, and they just happen to the winners of my artist plug for the month of September!

Straying ever so far away from my idol group addiction, I stumbled upon Goose house by chance; I would even go so far as to say it was a serendipitous discovery, and my God am I glad I found them. Much love for the intro, Anh!

After discovering this group from a friend’s facebook page, I decided to look into their channel to see if the group had anything else to offer. My interest had been piqued, and I was definitely hungry for something other than the generic material that idol music, as usual, has to offer. Luckily for me, these guys offered everything I needed, and then some. Covering an array of material from underground to J-indie, to even mainstream Jpop idol music, Goose house offers the casual listener a little bit of everything to reel in fans of differing preferential palettes for music.

The group consists of 7 members (3 ladies, 4 gentlemen). If you’re interested in the names and personal information of these members, just click here.  Just as eclectic as their covered material are the voices and overall talents of these seven members. From piano, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and even melodicas, these guys have it covered and mastered to absolute perfection. And if you happen to find their instrumental mastery impressive, what till you hear their harmonies! Hardly in mass-manufactured music do we hear the wonderful simplicity of a good harmony among members’ voices, so you ought to be impressed to hear just how these guys manage to incorporate the most beautiful of harmonies even in songs you wouldn’t initially believe could carry something beyond the melody of the tune. It really blew my mind, to say the least. And did I mention these guys have style? Seriously, I just love everything about them. From their voices to the friggin’ clothes on their back, these guys have it all covered! And I obviously dig it.

So if you head over to their youtube channel, you’ll feel slightly overwhelmed with the 200+ videos these guys have to offer. From their wonderful covers, to even more wonderful originals, to their non-performance interview-style goof sessions from previously recorded ustream live streams, the members of Goose house once again prove that they know what the masses want and they deliver it with professional 5 star quality.

The only probable complaint/issue there is with Goose house is that their youtube/twitter/website are all rather English-speaking fan-unfriendly. All their sites are strictly Japanese, unless the titles of the songs are in English or some such. That said, unless you have a thorough grasp of the Japanese language, you’ll have a bit of trouble navigating through videos to find what exactly what you’re looking for. However fret not! Please don’t let the lack of English discourage you from looking into this group; let this be an opportunity for you to discover music from artists you’ve never heard of or otherwise been interested in. Like I said, these guys got you covered from all angles.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the group’s wonderful series of videos shall we?

Anime fans would enjoy the following covers:

You don’t speak Japanese/listen to Japanese music? It’s cool, they’ve got something for you guys too!:

So you’re a big kpop fan, hmm?:

Don’t worry, they’ve got mainstream Japanese music covered as well:


I could go on and freakin’ on about this group, but obviously that would take out the fun for the rest of you guys out there. If you liked what you heard, take a look at the rest of their videos. Didn’t like what you heard? Check out the rest of their stuff and just maybe you’ll stumble upon a video that will change your mind. I’ll let the music do the convincing for me.

Check out Goose house’s official pages!





Also, the group has released their first EP/mini album of sorts entitled “Goose house Phrase#01” and it’s available at the following:



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