Kara Releases “Step” MV

It’s the moment all you Kamilia have been waiting for! The long anticipated “Step” MV has finally been unleashed for your viewing pleasure!

I unfortunately don’t have the time to screencap and comment on every specific part of this MV, so please understand.

The primary scene of interest seems to take place at a club scene, which features the string of Kara‘s previous hits all along the corridors of the club. The second scene is a plainly lit room with only 5 mic stands, with the girls donned in their colorful outfits as the primary point of interest for this scene. The third scene is kind of an outside-of-the-club-chillin-in-the-parking-lot sort of scene, featuring the girls in more casual outfits and their crew of dudes just jammin’ and chillaxin’ like it’s goin’ out of style.

While I’m totally diggin’ the girls’ new hairstyles, and the sudden revival of Nicole‘s long hair, I can’t say I feel the same about those horrendous tye-dye outfits. The casual outfits were something out of the 80s, with colors as vibrant as a neon street light, but still a lot easier on the eyes in comparison to the tye-dye. The bumblebee black and yellow outfits on the other hand reminded me immediately of SNSD’s Mr. Taxi outfits, but please sones, let’s not give me grief about that. The final set of outfits were the dresses initially featured on their series of MV teasers. While they girls look rather lovely in the said dresses, I found that it was kind of an odd stretch to have them wearing the dresses, even if it did fit for the particular scenes they were featured in during the music break down portions.

I’ve already shared my opinions on how poppin’ this song is, and the dance is just as great. Straying from the more “catchy” sort of dance moves that the group is known for, Kara seems to be trying a more fierce and complex deviation for their new dance routines. Can you say, “I’m lovin’ it?”


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