Artist Plug: Bang Yong Guk

I’m going to be trying something new, everyone. At least every month, I’ll try to feature an artist that I feel deserves attention. Underrated, up and coming, whatever you’d like. In fact, I’d love to gather some input from the readers. If there is an artist that you would like for me to plug, just email me at and I’ll gladly write up something for you!

For now, I’d like to feature the rapper Bang Yong Guk.

Many kpop fans might recognize the name from his earlier collaboration with SECRET member Song Ji Eun for the track “Going Crazy.” With the initial haunting piano introduction, Ji Eun’s noticeably blue hair, and nail-biting, toe-curling dramatic MV, Bang Yong Guk had what many in the biz would call a hit. His husky voice and smooth rapping flow, mixed with lyrics like “빨라지는 네 발걸음 따라 뛰는 내 심장미칠 것만 같아어두워지는 긴 밤,” it’s hard to ignore someone as talented as this.

And now he’s at it again with yet another collaboration with a kpop heavyweight, BEAST‘s very own Yoseob for the track “I Remember.” With a double whammy of powerful lyrics and the striking visual that comes with the MV, one must find it a struggle to even turn away as the drama unfolds to the sound of Yoseob’s prominent vocals at the hook and Bang Yong Guk’s word flow.

Truth be told, due to my absence from the kpop scene, I admittedly don’t know as much as I should about this up and coming solo rapper. Hopefully, he will continue to release these amazing tracks that will keep me and many a music lover coming back for more.

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