It’s an EVO REVOLUTION with mihimaru GT

If ya’ll thought AKB48‘s ode to old school Chinese kung-fu flicks were old, well you’ll just have to see what duo mihimaru GT have in store with the release of their PV for their newest single “EVO REVOLUTION.”

The brief introduction at the beginning of the PV provides the viewers background information of a suppressive government entity and that this powerful duo will come together and put an end to it all! How’s that for an awesome history lesson?

The PV is mostly set in old Edo period style clothing, with each respective member rocking out some fresh old school styles with modern day twists. Scattered throughout the video are their modern counterparts, rocking a more familiar wardrobe.

The single itself is a lot more funky, but just as upbeat as their previous summer single MASTERPIECE, with a little more emphasis on the funk as opposed to the rock. Anyway, without further ado, here’s another poppin’ summer single for ya’ll to enjoy!


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