House of Frying Ghetto

No, this is by no means a post revolving around Szechuan cooking, deep-fried kung-fu action, and the ghetto (though I must admit, that would make for a very interesting, wouldn’t it?); it’s merely an ode to Japan’s female idol sensation AKB48 and the release of their latest single and PV entitled “Flying Get.”

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I know I’ve spewed my share of insults and poor grammar in the past, but as I complete my transition into the jpop mainstream, I’ve come to embrace those spoken and unspoken words of negativity and bring em along for the ride. Because, who am I without them?

Now that that’s over, I love me some AKB. I’m no die-hard, but I know all those members of relevance and I can get by just fine with that little information. Anyway, “Flying Get” marks AKB48’s 22nd single release! After the huge success of “Everyday Kachuusha“, the girls hope to achieve the same, if not more so.

As much as I enjoyed the eye candy and the saccharine sweetness of the single, Everyday Kachuusha did not have that staying power on my music radar as say “Beginner” or “Ponytail Shushu.”

Riding an already successful 2011 year, the ladies decided to try something new (thank God) and offer a 70s Chinese kung-fu style PV for their new funky and disco-beat single. At its initial release and previews, the single didn’t strike me as anything brilliant. Stale practically, but I blamed it on the crappy radio recording. With HQ releases, it was a lot easier on the ears and definitely a lot more uplifting, fast-paced and funky fresh than I had initially imagined. A lovely contrast to the bland Everyday Kachuusha.

Then came the release of the single covers. As you can see from the one posted above, even the covers were an ode to the old kung-fu movie posters. Some called it cheap upon release, while others found it brilliant and flattering. I’d say it’s an interesting modern twist to an old classic, with prettier girls. It’s meant to look cheap. Have you not seen those old movie posters? You’re either too young or lacking culture.

And today was the big day – the PV release day! Although a theatrical 18 minute mini movie release has not arrived yet, the wait is much less excruciating  because of this.

This ain’t no House of Flying Daggers, nor is it that Kung-Fu Panda shit. It’s AKB48, bitches. The PV offers an array of costumes for the girls: 1) the golden gladiator-esque group dance outfits, 2) magenta chinese outfits for the fight scenes, 3) a violet outfit for Oshima Yuko and a 4) very white outfit for Atsuko Maeda.

Yes, I'm aware that's a backwards 2. The video has been flipped on Youtube.

Lookin' like a BAWS

While the group dance scenes are nothing particularly amazing, the lights make the show a lot more entertaining for those tidbits. Aside from the obligatory Acchan camera time, most of the more relevant members get their fair share of camera time, which is always nice. Even the highly elusive and highly popular Akimoto Sayaka has pleased the fans with her bit of face time.

Regarding the plot portion of the PV, the girls are numbered cleverly in the order of their respective 2011 Senbatsu election results. The cheesy fight scenes were almost as laughable as the cheesy “old school” camera effects and unspoken dialogue with captions, but needless to say, these portions were MUCH more entertaining to watch.

And though the girls put up quite an excellent fight, the Crazy88 managed to overcome the lower ranked members. Then entered the higher up rankers with Yuko acting as the HBIC for the crew. With an order of kick-ass and a side of awesome, this small but formidable group managed to do some damage, but alas faced defeat as well.

But just when one thought the PV was turning for the worse for the girls, here comes #001 Acchan to the rescue of course *rolls eyes*.  After opening a can of whoop ass upon the baddies with her double blades and earning cheers from the rest of the girls, more captioned dialogue and horrible lightening camera effects, shit apparently hits the fan as Yuko and Acchan duke it out in a battle of blades. Ya’ll know this was the battle we all saw in our minds during the epic Senbatsu close calls with the two respective members.

HBIC Acchan


Though I won’t manage to spoil the ending for you (ya’ll can obviously watch it yourselves), the director of the PV seems have left it open-ended. Fans that have already watched are heavily anticipating the release of the mini movie release in hopes to fill the gaps that were left by the PV.

Otherwise, I am actually quite satisfied with the PV. It was incredibly fun, cheese and all, and the song is just so much more energetic than their last, which is always a plus. Let’s hear what you readers have to say about it!

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