The Rock City Boy Has Great Taste

After making a debut of sorts in Japan under the Pony Canyon label in 2010, American-born artist JAMIL has just recently released a new single entitled “The Rock City Boy.” And as if that was not enough, the PV features AKB48‘s very own Team A leader Takahashi Minami!

The single shares very similar elements  with his earlier single “片思イノ想イカタ,” fusing rock and rap while embracing an east meets west flavor. Even prior to the PV release, the single has had the honor of being the 8th opening track for the anime Fairy Tale (sharing the 8th position honors with female j-idol group IDOLING!!!).

The PV features JAMIL as an American newcomer to the land of the rising sun. Complete with that signature chinstrap beard and college frat boy swag, JAMIL struts his stuff along the airport until his eyes fall upon Takamina, who initially plays an airline cabin attendant. I must say, the guy certainly knows how to act/look smitten while adding endearingly childish comedic touches in his PVs, but can anyone honestly blame him?

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We next see JAMIL coming across a temple and conveniently running into Takamina, who is now portraying a shrine maiden. As he checks her out whilst in deep prayer, another cute and corny scene unfolds as Takamina takes it upon herself to properly teach the foreigner how to properly pray. Megadorbs.

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And finally we see JAMIL waiting at a bus stop and singing an acoustic rendition of the single, completely aloof of Takamina (now sporting a lacrosse stick and an almost obligatory school girl outfit) taking a seat beside him. As he finishes his last note, Takamina cheers, the two share some brief words, and the love of his young life leaves him heartbroken as she boards her bus. Of course, there is a cute and comedic ending with two schoolboys, but everyone knows they stopped watching when Takamina drove away.

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All in all, the single was a pleasant change from the hyper-saturated idol music scene that has long taken over the airwaves in Japan. People might be hesitant to embrace this guy because he’s a foreigner, but never let that sort of thing dictate what you do or don’t listen to. His PVs are always interesting to watch, as I manage to always anticipate how JAMIL manages to incorporate some of his American roots into his music and his PVs. Of course, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t watch this for Takamina.

Anyway, if ya’ll enjoyed this single, please check out his earlier single “片思イノ想イカタ,” which shares the same comedic love theme as “The Rock City Boy” PV.


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