Rule of Thumb

I think it’s funny how every time I come back to post here, it happens to be about Kara one way or another. But rather than ranting about them, I’d like to applaud them and DSP Entertainment for getting it right for once…at least for now.

Ok, time to switch on the fangirling mode. I gotta say, this is a sexy concept. Perhaps because it’s so remotely different from anything around now and from their previous concepts – REALLY remote. Gyuri and Nicole switched hair (LOL) and Seungyeon, Hara, and JiYoung are looking just as hot. *fangirling mode off*

I made the mistake SEVERAL times before of getting so freakishly excited for a comeback and being let down by the total failure of execution in the actual comeback. I would like to believe that DSP and Kara will hit this concept correctly, delivering us a triple hit of a banging hot concept, a sexy new track, and a ballin’ new dance. Something that can follow up the success of their hit track Mister will be impressive, but I’ll keep my hopes low. If the girls and DSP fail to follow through with the awesomeness, well, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Until I hear the song, see the teasers, the actual MV, and the live performances, I’ll just continue to smile like a complete douchebag and remain totally satisfied with what I’ve been given. But this wouldn’t be a regular post if I just left it at that, would it? Thus commencing the rant phase!

Kara is no newbie to the whole fail concept/delivery situation. I really don’t want to bring out Rock U again. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME! After a *in my opinion* hit concept with Break It, the girls went downhill with their follow up cutesy concepts and shit-tastic singles like Rock U and Pretty Girl (but Pretty Girl did grow on me). Sure, they recovered their image by releasing an easier-on-the-eyes concept with songs like Honey, Wanna, and Mister, but their previous crap-tastic cutesy concepts will forever remain the butt of all jokes. Sorry Kara, I love you but that’s just how it is.

If DSP didn’t FAIL at promoting their singles and whatnot, perhaps Kara would be even more successful. I.E. of a failed promotional tactic? To put it simply, promoting WANNA instead of MISTER. Seriously, DSP? I don’t care if Kara won a K-Chart award for WANNA. Everyone knows that MISTER was the better track. Don’t even kid yourself.

Moving on. Kara isn’t the only group to suffer the effects of crappy promotion and failed execution of concepts. Hmm let’s see, who else can I rag on? I have a feeling I might get stabbed for stating this, but that obviously just proves how close-minded fans are. SNSD, you’re comeback with OH! sucked ass. You’re welcome for having the balls to admit that.

Let’s see, how can I admit this kindly?…Yeah, “kindly” is not going to happen. Quite frankly, SNSD should have DEFINITELY taken a LONGER break after the year end shows. Wasn’t domination 2009 enough for you, SM Entertainment? 2 hit tracks, too many awards to count, and a freakin’ concert! Chill the fuck out, SM. I understand that because DBSK and SUJU are totally not under your grubby control anymore, you need to get your cash from some other poor idol group under your wing, but seriously.

OH! follows the stereotypical, terribly addicting and repetitive trend that kpop is so famous for. I’ll admit the song is catchy and the concept is…well, ok, but it’s obviously just not up to par with the rest of their hits. Ahjumma hair, pigtails, and pompoms. Ooh baby.  When the girls came back with Gee, it was like BOOM BABY BOOM! SNSD dominated and the wait was damn worth it. The girls took a break yet again, and BOOM BABY BOOM (but not quite as BOOM as with Gee), the girls dominate again with Genie. The break between Genie and OH! was not a very long one and it didn’t help that the girls shoved Gee and Genie down our throats during the end of the year shows. Really, I would have been FREAKING happy if they took a longer break. REALLY.

I understand that it’s important to keep artists in the limelight somehow, even after promoting tracks. The money making period is when a new track is released and promoted, but there’s a thing called EYE SORE and these girls are definitely growing to be such things. SUE ME. I like the girls, I really do, but it’s hard to like ’em when everywhere you turn, that’s what you see and hear. It’s like Taylor Swift in America. Yeah, I went there.

Also, usually when artists make comebacks, it means their image and sound have evolved since we last saw them. Progression is a great thing. Yes, Kara had regressed when they went on to Rock U, but they redeemed themselves with Mister/Wanna and DEFINITELY now with Lupin (hopefully). And even if they fail, at least they had the balls to try something new and different. With SNSD for example, they’ve only regressed and stayed constant throughout their entire careers. Genie was a little sexier than previous hits, but they went back to the typical cute and pink-tastic combo with OH! The girls are capable of sexy and other such looks. They are capable of singing other things than annoying auto-tuned, repetitive crap like OH! With their latest album, I’ll have you know I only liked the ballads. The other songs were just such a sore to listen to, I  could hardly bare listening to them.

SM, take my advice more often, and give your artists some time to freakin’ breathe. That way, their comebacks are just that much sweeter. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, dipshit. Let your artists grow. Give them some space to spread their wings and fly, instead of clipping them and letting them just flop around on the gravel. Listen to me from now on.

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Case in point. Kara came. Kara teased. Kara *will* conquer.


2 responses to “Rule of Thumb

  1. =D Ha. I love this. And I agree, Oh! sucked. AND they got accused of plagiarism. (See one of my posts). And yep, just b/c Suju and DBSK are rebeling, SM finds the need to find some other poor idol to squeeze and strangle. Just you wait, SM, SNSD will do the same…(though Sunny might not…isn’t she SM’s niece?). BTW, I read on another blog that b/c of DBSK’s lawsuit, SM was trying to juice Suju’s hit song Sorry Sorry as much as possible by creating a remix “Sorry Sorry – Answer”. But as much as I love Suju, that song made me sleepy. They overdid it. Sorry Sorry’s a dance song, Sorry Sorry Answer seemed like a lullaby to me. Except for the rap (Eunhyuk and Donghae <3), the rest of the song "na na na na na~" made me fall asleep.

  2. btw, how did you get it to have a bit of the entry, but an expand link? Because I’ve been trying to do that..but it doesn’t work. A lot of my entries are really long so yeah..thanks!

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