How Far is Too Far?

Why hello there! Long time no post, huh? For the few that still visit this ghost town of a blog, didja miss me?

You’re probably wondering, “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be writing articles for allkpop?” Well, yeah LOL It’s kind of my new gig, if you weren’t informed the first time around. But, this post isn’t very newsworthy or meaningful in particular, so I opted to post it in my blog. I figured this would allow me to dust off some crap from this place and give me the opportunity to remember my log-in information.
Yeah, sad I know.

Anyway, on to the main reason why I’m here. It’s my first time posting in Lord only knows how long, so I decided writing a nice editorial article would be a great way to welcome myself back here. Now, the question is “Who’s heads are up on the chopping block this time around?” For many that know who I am, you’ll be surprised to find out that it happens to be the Kara quintet!

I know what you must be thinking right now, Kara fans: This can’t be good.

Take a look at those cutie pies up there! So sweet, so innocent, am I right? Those are the lovable girls that netizens have come to know and love as the “economic idols.”  They worked their asses off to accomplish everything they have today and we’ve followed them every step of the way. Through the blood, sweat, and tears…ok this is starting to sound quite mushy (for lack of a better term at 3AM in the morning), but you get the picture, right?

The girls worked their asses off. End of story. But not really! Kara kicked off their careers in the biz with a “I’m not gonna take anymore shit from you” concept with their debut single Break It.  Sexy and sassy, but classy. Then the girls rocked a more laid back concept with their follow up singles If U Wanna and Secret World. After a long hiatus from the scene, 1 member was lost, 2 members were gained, and out comes a brand spankin’ new Kara on the kpop scene, armed and ready with…a cute concept?

That’s right! The girls succumbed to the trends of the times and assimilated themselves into the cuteness. The cute Kara fought on as they promoted songs like Rock U and Pretty Girl. By the time the girls began promoting their first trophy winning hit, Honey, they gave the cute concept a makeover and began to rock a more innocent and feminine kind of cuteness. Fast forward to summer of ’09 and WHAM! Fans are KO-ed left and right with Kara’s super sexy concept with their double hits, Wanna and Mister.

Now, I’m sure we’re all aware that despite the concepts groups are given, the members are rarely what they portray themselves to be on stage, during interviews, etc. A thing about concepts is…well, they’re just concepts! Learn it, live it, love it. But what happens when that concept can be taken the wrong way or viewed in a negative light?

Let’s fast forward to an even more recent time…or rather, more like yesterday! Kamilia have just found out that in addition to Crown Bakery, Kara has also received a gig with Freestyle, which used to have the Wonder Girls‘ as their poster girls. Some butt-hurt fans in general already took this news negatively, stating that Kara is stealing a lot of what the Wonder Girls promoted to ride on their previous success! That’s not the point of this article, so we’ll let that slide for now.

Anywho, the point I’m trying to make is our cute and charming Kara girls aren’t as innocent as Honey portrayed them to be…

Or at least that’s what that poster up there implies. Ooooo baby~ Call it a cheap marketing scheme or a stroke of pure and utter genius. Call it whatever you’d like, but while you’re figuring out a proper statement, boys everywhere are fappin’ to their hearts content at that kinky ass poster. If not that one, then surely this one:

While you perverted sons of bitches allow your noses to bleed at that lovely sight, many fans and nonfans alike are expressing their disapproval! HOW CAN THAT EVEN BE?! While you can expect some diehard fans and ostentatious perverts to express their approval without any qualms, I can imagine a few saying that this entire “sexy” concept has gone awry. In layman’s terms – it might bite them in the ass.

I’m sure there’s no need for me to remind anyone that Korea is a quite a conservation place. Can you imagine a few conservatives taking a gander at that up there? Maybe a few will come out of the closet and be all like “HELLZ TO THE YEAH!” but I’m sure that accounts for about one in a million. That’s the kind of concept even the sexy queen HYORI hasn’t even tried (or at least, that’s what I think LOL who knows?). This is the kind of concept parents would blush at and shield their children’s virgin eyes from!

Anywho, like I’ve already stated, there’s a mix of reviews from fans and nonfans alike. Some love it (clearly those pervs that get none) and some hate it, but what difference does it make when it’s only a concept?

Well, I guess what concerned fans are thinking is that this kind of marketing campaign is portraying their girls to be nothing more than cheap, cheap eye candy whores. I’m just convinced this had to be thought up by a man with a kinky imagination. Freestyle, after all, is a video game and since when did gamers EVER get any ass? Forgive me for using a common stereotype, but I just couldn’t resist. Back on track, this marketing scheme makes that first picture I posted up there seem more like something out of Madonna‘s Like A Virgin now that I think about it…

Wow, I’m quite ADD this morning. Forgive me. Anyway, like I said, it’s natural for fans to be upset, even when their girls are looking oh so smokin’ hot. When you see your girls being advertised as sex objects to sell a stupid video game, I can see where it starts getting personal. Personally, I liked it simply because I’m clearly a pervert I didn’t take it too seriously with my carefree American mentality. However, do I personally think they went too far?

Well, personally once again, not really. It’s a weird ass concept, though. From the bball players’ outfits of the Wonder Girls to sex kittens for Kara? Like what the hell happened over that time span? It kind of just made me LOL in my seat at the thought of it.

Of course, these ladies can’t help themselves if they just look so good that they scream “I’m so gosh darn effable” with their eyes, body, etc. The outfits didn’t help their case, either. If anyone is to blame, blame the stylists that shoved the girls into those kink-tastic outfits. I’ll admit, the first time I saw the pictures, I immediately thought of those Japanese anime cosplay conventions and the weird kinky hentai shit that certain anime lovers seem to be so fond of. Lord, I don’t think I would be able to forgive DSP is the girls were portrayed like this:

cr. Ghboy2

Speaking of Japan, if Kara went into Japan lookin’ like that, they’d surely garner fans! I know that’s a bad thought, but hey, you know it’s true. However, the girls are rather cute naturally, so I can’t imagine them not achieving some degree of success over there anyway.

Another random note, I think DSP has a thing for dressing Kara up in kinky animal cosplay outfits. Anyone remember this?

cr. asiadictos


One response to “How Far is Too Far?

  1. YAY!! I missed your writing! I refuse to go to allkpop after all the perverted things some of those writers write (EW).

    I don’t mind Kara… they don’t bother me as much as SNSD. I don’t see what the fuss is though. SNSD, T-ara, etc. all wear horrid outfits that basically look like undergarments. How is that significantly different from the above?

    My honest to goodness opinion: Korea is a conservative society yes? So oppression = wanting idols to bare all and not be conservative. To put it simply anyways. What they can’t have they want to see in their idols. They aren’t considered ‘artists’ but more like dolls to push and pull around. In the end, it is all abut a concept and image and these idols are willing to do anything for fame rather than the music. So Kpop can’t really be taken seriously.

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