Get Your Sprinkler’s On

With much love again to Mardi09, there’s another group I just HAVE to rave about. They go by the name Sprinkler. Why? Heck if I know, but what I am totally sure about is they rock my socks off. They’re a K-Rock trio consisted of 2 male guitarists and 1 mysterious front woman who never gets on the stage without her signature mask. Get this, they’re also under the same label as the Brown Eyed Girls and May Doni. Now that’s hot.

These guys have been on the music scene since ’07 and well, we haven’t seen them since! How unfortunate, but they didn’t leave us without showing us their amazing musical chops! Check out their MV for their song Voyage to Five Treasure Island.

cr. BehindTheYellowLine

I’m in love with the front vocalist’s voice. It’s so different! Rough and edgy in comparison to those mellow and soft voices that are so prevalent in Korean Indie. Bah, get’s boring. Here are some of their stats, once again credited to Mardi09!

Real name: Kang Mi Jin
Born: October 3, 1987


Real Name: Go Hyun Gi
Born: February 20, 1973
Physique: 176cm, 67 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: watching movies, drinking, travelling
Special Skill: Dancing
Favorite Food: Pizza and cheese
Education: Wonchon Elementary School
Sinbanpo Middle School
Seoul High School
Career: 1999-2002 ‘Eve’ member

Lee Jong Min
July 16, 1977
Career: G.Gorilla band member

Yoari sang a song on the O.S.T. for Little Mom Scandal last June. Check it out:

cr. SMarie7

And Yaori isn’t the only one that had solo affairs. Prior to his career with Sprinkler, G. Gorilla released some MV’s of his own! Check em out here:

cr. BehindTheYellowLine



One response to “Get Your Sprinkler’s On

  1. Thanks Maggie this is awesome…
    When she is singing softly is sound japanese lol… I’m really liking them… but I guess they are not together anymore right?…
    😦 late discovery… sucks…

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