Peace Out

Ya’ll realized for the past week  I was on this crazy news updating spree? Well, that’s coming to an end. Actually, a lot of what made this blog is coming to an end. Not completely to an end. I’ll be back on certain days when I feel like doing one of those huge essay rants of mine. Or maybe music reviews? And for sure I’ll keep the indie love coming back time and time again.

But what’s the reason behind this informal goodbye? Well, on my 1 Year Anniversary passage, I mentioned how I had offers? Well, an offer came up sooner than I had ever anticipated. And unlike last time, I chose not to wait and grab the opportunity in a heartbeat. From this day on, you’ll be seeing me for sure over at AllKpop. I’m still learning the ropes and getting the hang of things, but you know how fast I am with getting the news delivered, so you can bet you’ll be seeing a lot of me on AKP.

No, I won’t let go of NAKB. But you just won’t be seeing me here after a long while. I mean, with a header banner like that WHY WOULD I?! Just playin’. It’s been a fun ride and I hope you’ll still stop by here every once in a while. I’m looking forward to some loving at AKP, guys! So I better see some comments from ya’ll =__=. Well, hope you guys support AllKpop! I’ll see ya there ;D


7 responses to “Peace Out

  1. oh aki and the offer that has been hovering over her head for a year now…hahaha…i’m happy for’s a new challenge…i’m sure you will do well..congrats love…. i’ll still visit this place often… have fun and show them how it’s done.

  2. That is kind of upsetting, but good luck to you!

    Allkpop is actually my least favourite site to go to for kpop news…. sorry.

    Cheers for all the work you have done thus far.

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