4Minute’s Hot Issue Released!


What do I say? Wow. I won’t lie. It does have this 2NE1 vibe so I can imagine the hate already. At least they pronounced “Hot Issue” properly this time, rather than HOTTIE SHOE. Good show, ladies.


4 responses to “4Minute’s Hot Issue Released!

  1. lmao…does have the 2ne1 vibe… HOT ISSUEEEEEE…. It grows on you…let’s take control yo~~

  2. I pretty much like it. The song is catchy and they are my #3 favourite group below 2NE1 and Wonder Girls and above After School. Their style may seem similar to After School or 2NE1 to anyone but to me, it doesn’t.

    When I first saw 4minute, I thought the rumors about HyunAh’s group was going to be a 3member group with a different name (members; HyunAh, JiHyun and GaYoon) but because they are called 4minute, I would prefer SoHyun, HyunAh, JiYoon and GaYoon as a group together. I’m still coming to terms that JiHyun is leader, I’d think HyunAh or JiYoon suit better in my opinion.

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