Again’s Back…AGAIN?!

Ah I crack myself up with my terrible, nonsensible jokes. Just playing. But does everyone remember the artist that was thought to be a girl, but when the MV/single actually came around, the artist was a guy and everyone suddenly just abandoned all sense of hype for the artist completely? Well, that guy’s (stage) name was Again. Here was his first MV that had everyone fooled.

cr. ying5387

But now, he is back! Unfortunately, nothing new has come up for him since May (which is pretty sad for fans) and he hasn’t performed on any music shows. He does, however, have a new MV out for you to watch! No, this time he’s not starring in the MV. He’s letting Lexy’s ex-back-up dancer and former YG Family artist, Kim Hee Jung, take the spotlight. This is the 2nd track of his first single album “1st 603 Factory” entitled Step. Compared to 603, this track is definitely on the cooler side of the pillow, very smoothe and mellow to the ears.

cr. jaeuraznmv1

credits to Mardi09 and jaeuraznmv1 for the information!


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