Brand New Day Wears Mascara

Hey, me, too! But seriously, last we heard from these ladies as a group was a while ago. Member ChaeRin did hook up with Ilac on his comeback track around the 7th of this month. But, now we know that the ladies are back in action!

These ladies are making a comeback on the 16th of this month with their new mini album entitled “Mascara.” Their MV for the title track will also be released that day. By the looks of things, the girls are taking it up a notch to a sexier note, much to the glee of many a fanboy across the map. With SeeYe being down and out for the count as the go-to female trio, will Brand New Day be able to rock it in their place? But for now, please enjoy these lovely new pics from the mini album photoshoot.



3 responses to “Brand New Day Wears Mascara

  1. aw, I’m glad that BND is getting some attention on a blogsite.
    Now i’m bookmarking this blog ^__________^

    But not to sound rude or anything, did you by chance get the photos off of Soompi? If so, could you at least credit the original source. It was hard to save the pictures but I finally figured it out.

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you! I’m going to post this on Soompi K-celeb forum now..haha…so that they can receive some attention.
    Thanks a lot for writing something about them though. I really appreciate it ^^

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