Seo Taeji Wants to Save the Polar Bears

What a very admirable ambition that is! But why polar bears? Because to Seo Taeji, they represent the destruction of our environment. After warning the masses about environmental disasters in his 8th studio album,  Atomos Part Secret, he’s ready to move on from saying to doing. He has official launched a campaign to save the polar bears, selling polar bear dolls and other merchandise. All profits will be then sent to Polar Bear International.

And since we can’t all be in Korea to help him out with purchasing, there is a website where we can go and buy such things as well as buy tickets for Seo Taeji’s nationwide concert tour. It’s always awesome when a star uses his or her star power to make a difference in society.  The environment is quickly deteriorating with all the mofos on the planet destroying it faster and faster with each day that passes. So, my hat goes off to Seo Taeji.


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