Rain Wants to Make Your Underwear

If you happen to know Tom Ford, then this will make more sense. Tom Ford is a fashion designer that once upon a time used to work for Gucci and has now created his own fashion place, the Tom Ford label. Now, you’re probably wondering, what the hell does this have anything to do with Rain?

Rain happens to dig what Tom Ford does. In fact, he digs it so much that he told the Hong Kong press that he will be launching a lingerie collection. However, if you’re looking for swim suits and the sort, don’t look at Rain right now because he’s not so sure yet. But wow, Rain the fashionista designer!

Just last year, Rain released his fashion line, Six to Five, and it has been gaining much popularity and success in South Korea with much support from his amazing fans. And as you know, Rain also models for his brand, so hey, with this lingerie business coming soon, I bet the ladies are heavily anticipating some awesome ads from the Rain man.



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