Introducing Ballad Princess SuSung

This little lady has been on the Korean music scene since February 2009, but it’s just recently that I’ve even heard of her. On the 11th of this month, she released a digital single, Love Warning.

cr. sugizo11

Did she perk up your ears as much as she did mine? Susung has a very silky smooth voice and she’s got a cute appearance to boot! If you liked that song, be sure to listen to the other song on her 2nd digital single album, Love At First Sight. While her voice isn’t very powerful, it has a sweetness about it that soothes the soul.

cr.  urnobody911

So let’s learn a little bit about this singer.

♥ Born ♥:September 9, 1988
♥ Height ♥:162cm
♥ Weight ♥:42kg
♥ Blood type ♥:B
♥ Hobbies ♥:Belly dance, yoga, reading
♥ Specialty ♥:Piano, composer
♥ Religion ♥:Christian

cr. re8a


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