Well, not really. Asuka Kondoh, a 24 year old California native, is a contestant on this year’s season of the popular American show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”  This week, however, Asuka was on the bottom three. Now where does BoA come into this?

Well, for her solo dance, Asuka chose BoA’s Did Ya. As a California native, I guess it’s only natural to be aware of BoA’s existance and her career in America thus far.  What fabulous exposure for BoA, even if it was indirect. I don’t have the footage on me so far, but as soon as I can, I’ll upload it for you guys. It was bound to be an amazing routine for an amazing song. Did Ya happened to be one of the only songs I liked on BoA’s American debut album.

For now, you can enjoy some of this footage from So You Think You Can Dance featuring Asuka Rondoh!

cr. mrquackbear

cr. FoxSource

Here’s the performance video with much love to cdplayabackup! Actual performance begins at 2:07.

Though I don’t believe that’s how BoA would’ve done it, it looked like a great show! Let’s hope Asuka remains in the show so she can perhaps do some more promotions for BoA in the future!


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