4Minute Exposed

Check these girls out! Much love to Breezy for the tipoff.

So, I feel the funky 80s hip hop street scene, but I can already hear the 2NE1 fans defending their girls in protest. While not as extremely clad, 4Minute seems to be heading for the same direction.


6 responses to “4Minute Exposed

  1. Not just 2NE1 but also AfterSchool. It’s okay, because 2NE1 don’t own the style and fashion anyways. 2NE1 probably gotta from somewhere else too. So don’t blame.

      • Lets see who got the most talent. As far as I can see from 2NE1.., the talented one is only CL. Because of CL, the girls are getting far. And I do agree that their doing great and topping the charts but as far as I’m concern, they still need to work on their vocals and dancing.

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