At around 11PM EST, the Wonder Girls and JYP held another live interview, but this time with CCTV. Later on this evening, if you happened to log onto the channel early enough, you could see the girls rehearsing bits and pieces for their performance later that day. I was only able to catch SunYe and JYP’s duet and the Nobody rehearsal. And after all the final touches were completed, the studio audience was able to witness the MKMF 2008 show from beginning to end.

And just as the footage aired the girls’ first performance at MKMF, the tape cuts off and a band appears out of nowhere! Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the band. They got us hyped for Wonder Girls, but we get a Chinese band instead. But fret not, these guys were pretty entertaining. After their performance and a few words, the band departed the stage. Then, we were back to video footage, but this time in Chinese and MKMF and MNet related footage.

Then,  a couple of men take the stage. Among them, most notably, is JYP himself, surrounded by MNet staff. They basically discussed plans of unification among Japan, China, and Korea in terms of the entertainment industry. They went on to announce the Wonder Girls concert and Mandarin album collaboration with MNet. Mnet stated they chose JYP specifically because he has held so many successful concerts and they believe together they can help Asians become more well known overseas.

Mr. Park goes on to discuss that to break through the American industry, it will take some struggle. The Wonder Girls are doing all they can to make it. They all continue to discuss this struggle and all wish for the girls and Asian artists in general to make it though the American industry and make a new name for themselves. They hope this collaboration will make everything they dreamed of possible.

After all the formal speeches, the MC takes the stage and introduces our girls! They take the stage in the Nobody outfits they wore the last time they were in MTV IGGY and get ready to perform their first song, Tell Me. They are performing in Korean. Throughout the performance, the girls shouted out things in Mandarin to entertain the crowd and make them feel more involved!

cr. kazaf10

After the performance, the girls introduce themselves in Mandarin for the crowd. The girls stated that since their last visit in 2007, the fans have grown to be much warmer and more embracing of the girls. Just as an FYI, they answer most of the introduction questions in Mandarin.

cr. kazaf10

After the introduction, the girls get ready to perform So Hot, with a teasing question of “YOU READY?” from SunYe. The crowd prepared well, as you can even hear them cheering for the girls with the So Hot fanchant.

cr. kazaf10

After the energetic performance, the girls are back for another Q&A with the host. Due to some skipping, I missed a part or two, but the intro band is back with plaques of some sort to give as presents to the girls. After all the girls receive their gifts, one of the boys even proceeds to perform a bit of the Nobody song and dance for the girls. The girls also promised to bring the boys gifts should they ever travel to Korea in the future. The girls are then asked if the men are handsome, and leader Min states indeed. Looking at the girls now, they are sweating quite a lot, especially SunYe.

cr. kazaf10

After their cute little dialogue, singer Liu Xi takes the stage to serenade the crowd. Liu Xi is a singer linked to both Samsung and JYPE. How did she manage such a thing? Well, she won a singing competition hosted by both companies.

Then, after a short dialogue from the MC, Leader Min and JYP are up to perform their lovely duet, Afternoon Separation. The performance was so well done that the mic could barely handle SunYe’s amazingly powerful vocals! Perfectly done and performed by two amazing singers and performers. Afterwards, SunYe exits the stage.

cr. kazaf10

YeEun, SoHee, Yoobin, and SunMi are back on the stage. To join them are 4 lucky fans. With the Wonder Girls as their mentors, the fans learn the gist of the Nobody dance.  The guy clad in blue proved himself to be quite a wonderful as he performed the dance without fail. Now it was the 4 fans’ turns to perform for the audience and one can say they did an admirable job to say the least. They then select another group of four to join the rest on stage to perform the Nobody dance. Once again, a very commendable performance from the fans, but they seemed very shy. Then all 12 performed the dance in unison. As thanks for their amazing effort, the fans were each given a signed Wonder Girls Wonder Years: The Trilogy album. While this is going on, the girls continue sweating profusely.

Finally, the girls move on (with SunYe back on stage) to perform Nobody. And unlike their rehearsal stages, the girls proved to have so much charisma, that they were practically sweating it off. But they pulled through for an amazing performance. And just like that, they’re off the stage and the MC is back on.

cr. kazaf 10

At the end, there was videa footage shown of all the accomplishments of those artists under the JYPE label, such as 2AM and 2PM. A press conference was to be held right after this showcase.

EDIT: With much love to my friend, Jeff, we can show you the whole showcase! Parts 1 and 3 are still loading, but the rest is here for your viewing pleasure =D

Part 1

Part 2 – CCTV + Mnet partnership speech

Part 3

Part 4 – 1st Wonder Preview for China, Tell Me performance

Part 5So Hot performance, gift exchange

Part 6 – Liu Xi performance, JYP + SunYe’s Afternoon Separation performance

Part 7 Nobody dance tutorial with 8 luck fans

Part 8Nobody performance


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