4Minute Teaser RELEASED!

cr. WonderfulChannel

Well what do you know? It seems as though Cube Entertainment has pulled through with a pretty good teaser.  Did anyone else feel like they were watching some tricked out iPod commercial when they watched this? Shadowed in silhouettes, the 4Minute ladies are covered, making it fairly difficult for us to determine who’s who and which 3 girls were added in the 4Minute ranks.

By the looks of things, the 4Minute girls have some sass to ’em and they seem to me as though Cube is selling them out to be as a dance oriented group. Sounds like some good competition for YG’s 2NE1 so far. Let’s hope these ladies don’t disappoint. We already know that ex-Wonder Girls rapper, Hyuna, is a member, as well as Nam Ji Hyun. Now, along with this video was supposed to be a profile release of each of the 5 members. On the 15th, a teaser MV for their title single will be released and the girls plan on debuting some time this month.


One response to “4Minute Teaser RELEASED!

  1. some of the comments said that they think the girl with the short hair is Min and i dont know…….. hmmm i know im judging too much on a such a short teaser and i can hardly see who it is but….. that girl with the short hair moved and walked meh and i dont know i just dont think its her or i hope it isnt her cus if it is it seems like she lost her moves >_____>

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