2PM Hates You

No, not really. At least I hope not! These guys are just returning with their latest promotional single, I Hate You. Check out their performance on M!Countdown this morning!

cr. elaisfangirl

So, they basically did minor changes on the boys hair and changed their wardrobe to something less JYP, to something much more casual. They ruffled up Khun‘s hair a bit, gave leader Jae new designs to sport on his hair, and calmed down magnae ChanSung‘s hair. JYP stylists also took a hint from Big Bang‘s TOP and gave Junsu and Junho some blinged out muzzles. Did anyone else happen to find TaecYeon’s sunglasses to be more than amusing? He’s cool enough to sport sunglasses at night. Overall, the boys took a turn from angry, pissed off lovers, to even angrier, badass lovers. Very sexy.

The Again and Again performance was very nice to watch. I particularly enjoyed how they upped the ante for this one.  But the real performance maker for this evening just had to be their debut performance of I Hate You.  I just loved the chorus part, especially that tidbit where they look like they’re doing a small part of Son DamBi‘s Crazy dance. Vocals were less than impressive and they definitely seemed out of breath most of the time. Looking forward to future performances from these boys. They are supposedly releasing an MV soon, as well.

One response to “2PM Hates You

  1. I couldn’t stop thinking about T.O.P when 2PM was singing “I Hate you” with the mask and the deep voice with the sunglasses,lol. But anyways it was cool.

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