Wonder Girls Wow at Sina Studio *COMPLETE WEBCAST FOOTAGE!*

The girls have made a pit stop in China and made a special appearance on a live webchat session with Chinese fans, and well, basically anyone that tuned in.

Despite the site stating specifically that the girls would be on at 7:00 PM, the girls appeared 20 minutes later, with 2000+ fans waiting eagerly to see them on their computer screens. Questions were taken prior to the webcast and a special promo video was shown constantly until live airing of the program.

cr. iLOVEsunmi

There were short introductions of the girls as they answered questions from the fans, revealing some of the girls personalities and habits. SunYe was voted on by the girls as the “mirror lady” and YooBin was stated to have a different personality around guys. At the beginning of the show, the Wonder Girls wowwed the fans with their impressive handling of the Chinese language, but for the rest of the show, a translator was brought in. At certain points when the girls were speaking Chinese Mandarin, they did seem to experience some trouble.

After a small chat session with the girls, they brought in the Sina Studio mascot and YeEun and SunYe showed him/her how to perform the dance for their hit single, Nobody.  The girls were even treated to some Chinese cuisine of soybean milk (?) and fried bread (?). They also brought in the main man himself, JYP, to join the questionnaire chat session with the rest of the girls. He revealed even more things about the girls individual personalities and habits and the girls did likewise for him. He even mentioned the girls’ plans of moving on to the states, stating something along the lines of “The girls are basically nobodies there, so they will have to start from the very bottom and work their way up. It will involve much hard work, but with effort, they can succeed. There have been no Asians as of late to break-through the American entertainment industry. I hope to achieve this success with the girls.”

A Singapore Wonderful flew in also just to give the girls some goodies. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. She was even sporting a t-shirt that was similar to what the girls were wearing at their concerts earlier this year!

The Wonder Girls will also be appearing on another program tomorrow at 3PM. That’s 3AM for us east coasters! With much thanks to KimYoobin.Wordpress.com, here’s the link where you can tune in! Since the girls did not really perform their top 4 singles in Mandarin, I guess this will be the show to watch if that’s what you were waiting for!

Here are some caps so graciously created by the writers at Sunmijjang! The girls wore the same Nobody dresses as they wore for the LA Press conference earlier this year.

All credits go to the amazing Justina. You can now what the webcast from beginning to end!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

4 responses to “Wonder Girls Wow at Sina Studio *COMPLETE WEBCAST FOOTAGE!*

  1. I was actually recording it but it is lagging and decided not to record it =X. Lucky someone recorded it =)

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