Big Bang Members Are Energizer Bunnies

They just keep going and going and going and going…

Big Bang returned to Korean on the 4th of the June to shoot for a new MV (presumably for their new Japanese single, Love Tonight) and fly back to Japan on the 8th, where they had a radio and television interview eagerly awaiting them as soon as they jumped off the plane.  On the 11th of June, the boys are flying back to Korean (AGAIN) to begin shooting for a CF. Afterwards, they will proceed back to Japan (AGAIN) to continue promotions on their Japanese songs.

Dang, the boys are definitely keeping busy. While I’m sure V.I.Ps are excited to see their boys in action and ready to give them new stuff, they will surely be worrying about the boys’ health and well-being. Well, here’s to the boys for being troopers! Can’t wait to see everything they’ve been working so hard on.

cr. Beau @ bbvipz


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