All Or Nothing

Korea: Check. America: Getting there. China: Here they come. That’s right, CHINA! Those lessons weren’t for naught after all, were they JYP?

As we all know, the Wonder Girls are going on tour with the Jonas Brothers this summer as guest performers. The news in itself has brought some content and discontent amongst the wonderful community and beyond.  While several fans agree that this will be an incredible opportunity to expand the Wonder Girls’ fanbase in America and Canada, others don’t feel quite as strongly. They argue that this will limit the girls’ fanbase to itty bitty teeny boppers ranging from ages 8-14. As much as I don’t care, I agree with both sides of the argument. Despite this, I am willing to wait until the girls actually release music and their American album later this year to judge much of anything. With JYP’s high expectations of the girls and the American anticipation for their works, I hope to be thoroughly and pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

And speaking of JYP’s high expectations, he’s quickly moving from square one to square two! As soon as the girls finish their promotions in America, the girls are scheduled to hold two concerts in China around the months of November and December of this year. Not only that, but the girls are also to release a Chinese album around the same time! With the help of CCTV, Sina, and MTV Asia, the girls will have their promotions aired throughout their time there to make sure their plans will run through successfully.

Wow. That’s quite a schedule you got there, ladies. You sure you have time to just sit back and breathe? Well, who am I kidding? Of course you don’t. But seriously, that is some hefty and ambitious game plan. There’s no doubt in my mind that JYP will do everything he can to see the girls go though with it. But the real question is, can they do it? Can they handle it? Can they succeed?

I’ve expressed my opinion regarding the girls and America. I for one believe that even if they don’t make it HUGE, they can make an impact, especially with the Jonas Brothers helping them along the way. Along with the concert, I’m more anxious to hear the final product of the collaboration between the two groups. If anything, it will definitely be a catchy number.

Moving along to China. Did anyone see this coming? Like at all? Here I was convinced the Wonder Girls were only going to China to promote their Chinese counterparts, Sisters. But that was shot to hell when they revealed they were going to be Mandarin versions of 4 of their hit songs. I had to rub my eyes a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t just dreaming or delusional. That performance will be held tomorrow. Then after today’s appearance at Sina Studios, JYP reveals his plans for the Wonder Girls  and China. Keep in mind, the girls haven’t been in China since like 2007. Man, that’s quite a while. Then all of a sudden *WHAM* Wonder Girls are having concerts here and they’re releasing an album! Wait, say WHAT? What did I miss since square 1?

When you put America and China next to each other, you have one tentative success and one tentative failure. Can you figure out which is which? I’m not trying to be a pessimist or anything of the sort. I’m just saying, COME ON! The girls haven’t been in China since 2007 and they haven’t done anything to promote themselves there since! Well, unless you count earlier this morning. And tomorrow morning. But what? 2 days? What’s that seriously going to do from now until November? Unless the girls find time to go back and forth between the US during their album promotions there, I don’t know how the girls can possibly make a dent in the industry in China. While the girls won’t be taking part in 15 shows around China like they are in America, keep in mind, these concerts in China will be their own. They will not have some big shot Chinese act to back them up should they falter.

And what about their Korean fanbase? JYPE already released, with everything they have planned for the girls, it will be incredibly difficult for the girls to go back and promote anything new. You got that right. And difficult is a frickin understatement. So yeah, it won’t come as any surprise, either, that there is a huge influx of girl groups this year. Now, I won’t be pessimistic, but I can’t help myself some times. With their girls gone away, it can be so easy for fans to find another girl group to support. It’s probably already happened. Will the girls end up being like the S.E.S. of the latest generation of kpop? Just to brush up your memory, when S.E.S. went away from Korea to promote themselves overseas, it allowed for a rival girl group, Fin.K.L., to rise the charts and build a solid fandom. The girls could easily go from top of the foodchain to the bottom, especially with all those lovely girl groups just popping outta nowhere with every second that passes by.

So all in all, this is what I’m trying to say. The girls could end up not meeting their goal in the states, fail to gain as much support as they wanted in China, and return home to Korea with a shaken fanbase. Or, they could succeed. With all the money I’m assuming JYP is putting into this whole affair, I hope to see bright results for the girls. And also, I hope the girls remain healthy through all this, since they have the tendency to grow ill before important events.

5 responses to “All Or Nothing

  1. I agree with everything you just said it’s scary i really like the girl and I don’t want them to fail but there is a huge chance that they will. In on honesty I want them to succeed but wanting and doing are two different things. I love these girls I like who they are, the image they show, their music, voice, etc. I don’t want them to be forgotten in Korea like the Grace they were not hugely popular but look where they are now, most people don’t talk about them only their loyal fans.
    What their doing is a huge task to take and I hope they succeed I truly do.

  2. I don’t agree with S.E.S. and Fin.K.L argument because SNSD actually has a larger Korean fanclub and they were already big when WG left Korea.

    Otherwise, I love your point about the Chinese takeover. We never know though, we never know. And it’s true about the ill thing T.T

    And for musicians to succeed, they need to keep producing good music. That’s what allowed Shinhwa to be around for so long, after all. So if Wonder Girls want to be around they really just need to focus on not screwing up their comeback in Korea, shaken fanbase or not.

  3. i dont really care about fanless base or whatever you mention. all i know is that everyone loves them and they’re taken over. actually they’re conquering the world right now. if Korea don’t want them, they have other places to be want and love by INTERNATIONAL fans. with that say, JYP is smart so WGs will comeback to take over Korea by storm. Just wait and see. this is just the beginning..,

  4. amen… *applauds maggie maggie*

    “I don’t agree with S.E.S. and Fin.K.L argument because SNSD actually has a larger Korean fanclub and they were already big when WG left Korea.”

    B.~ uhh… were was SNSD mentioned… They are not the only other existing Korean girl group… and when fans move on from one artist to another it is usually to a newer artist that brings new stuff… and there are a couple of new girl groups that are making an impact, and getting lots of fans and support…

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