Now, I bet you’re wondering, “What the hell is MINNOVATION?” I’ll tell you what it is. It’s Lee Minwoo‘s latest mini-album project that he hopes to release some time this month! So first we had Lee Hyori‘s Hyorish, then we had Rain‘s Rainism. Now we’re moving on to MINNOVATION! Man, kpop stars just keep on getting more and more creative.

Minwoo’s been working on this mini album for 9 long months and he hopes to achieve a higher success rate in comparison to his last single he promoted in 2008. And he’s serious about this, too! He even dragged in a US producer to help him out with this title track of his. Man, K-stars are just bringin out the big guns now, aren’t they? I for one am excited to see Minwoo back in action. It’s good to see a Shinhwa boy around on the kpop scene in general since most of them are headin’ off to the army soon.


One response to “Lee Minwoo’s MINNOVATION

  1. there’s also AVAHOLIC right???

    Anyway……. how come you suddenly went berserk and posted like crazy… I can’t keep up…

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