The 3 Musketeers Of K-Trot!

That’s right! There’s a new trot group on the horizon that’s here to capture your hearts! They go by the name of the 3 Chongsa or 3 Musketeers!

Like I said, these guys are trot performers, but they’re definitely part of the old school kind of trot. No sir. They’ve got a fresh look and sound to rock your trot shoes out! Check out their debut single Let’s Go! And just as another FYI, they have performed this song live as well. They’ve been promoting this single since the end of May.

cr. to respective uploaders

So these boys are just about the same age as your favorite kpop stars! The eldest member is an ’89-er and the youngest is a ’92-er. Man oh man. Fresh fresh fresh!

2 responses to “The 3 Musketeers Of K-Trot!

  1. People seem to like them… I’ve gotten comments on my YT vid were people are going crazy about them…

    “3 Chongsa! so cute!!` :D”

    “i couldnt stop laughing.. kkk
    3 chongsa is really cute? and funny..”

    “well 3 chongsa……they look so cute XD
    i’m gonna be their fan lol”

    3 Chongsa.
    they so cool!! :)”

    “i like 3 chongsa!
    and i love sg wannabe^^!”

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