Experience Big Bang in 3D

Since we all can’t get to Big Bang, most of us have to settle for the 2nd best thing, which happens to be a DVD. But what’s this? Big Bang recently filmed their latest concert with 3D film qualities. Yes, that’s right. And you can see it at your nearest movie theater (in Korea, of course). Heck, if they do it with DVD, YG‘s going to be making even more pocket money, neh?

So with this 3D concert footage, fans can experience the Big Bang hotness right before their eyes! When G-Dragon is reaching out to slap some fan hands, you’ll be able to slap back. Heck, when TaeYang flashes those amazing abs of his, you could probably even reach out and get a good feel. How’s that for fanservice? So, Big Bang fans, keep an eye out for further information. I know you’re probably waiting in nervous anticipation for some 3D BB lovin’.


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