Big Bang Wants to “Love Tonight”

After the whole fandom was shaken by G-Dragon’s interesting transformation from a little more than fruity to a suave and debonair lover that could make the ladies swoon in an instant in their latest MV for the Japanese version of Heaven. If you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you. Here it is:

cr. universalmusicjapan

And while that was all good and such, the boys aren’t done yet! They went back to Korea to work on filming the MV for their latest Japanese single, Love Tonight. The boys are back in Japan, ready to top those charts with a vengeance. And while that’s all good and fun, I miss them being on the Kpop scene. Come back soon, Big Bang. We kind of miss you.

2 responses to “Big Bang Wants to “Love Tonight”

  1. i like the fact that GD looks like he could pass for Sohee’s older sister…. too precious

  2. YES!! bong looking HOT in the video! loving him soo much!

    awwww wish they would come to Canada to shoot a MV!!

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