Wonder Girls PeriPera Make-Up Set GIVEAWAY!

You read that correctly! I was able to get my grubby hands on the full Wonder Girls PeriPera make up set and since I’ve been winning Wonder Girls’ related contests left and right, I felt that it’s about time to give back to the Wonderful community!

I’ll upload pictures of the products later for everyone. I’m currently pretty occupied.

But all you have to do is leave me a message here on my blog! That’s all you have to do! Leave me your:



Simple enough, yes? Winners will be announced on June 6.



37 responses to “Wonder Girls PeriPera Make-Up Set GIVEAWAY!

  1. lol your voice is sexy XD


    EMAIL: ___________

    oh yea and your blog is funnny~ 😀

  2. Name: J-Rae
    Email: You ought to be able to see in your wordpress dashboard. I’m not writing here for the lurkers.

    You should pick me as winner because either shipping would be hella cheap or I would pick up prize in person. lol

  3. Name: David

    You already know my email. Peri Pera!!! I’ll keep it treasured in my heart for the years to come. it will never get used! lol.

  4. Name: Michelle
    Email: __________

    I would want to win for the sole fact of owning a wg merchandise and seeing their lovely faces XD

  5. Is this from the cosmetic line they have been promoting? So odd…. Cheers though!

    Name: momomegane
    Email: _____________

  6. NAME: Kamille

    EMAIL: youknowitunnie :D@Philippines.com

    muhahaha.. thankk goodness i do check your blog..:D are you going to that pieces of paper like HappySlip? hahaha

  7. Name: Helen
    email: ___________

    YAY for a contest from DJ Akster! Pity the person who have never won anything in her life will you? T_T … haha … is this going to be a random draw? Like you writing all our names down on paper and picking it out from a hat?

  8. I don’t like these contests, but I guess there’s better chance than if you were to just guess answers.

    Name: Megan
    Email: _______________

    I never win these though. Yay for Maggie!

  9. NAME: Kiara

    EMAIL: ____________

    hey aki it’s kiara aka kiwichan08 ^o^ nice blog.

    Keep up the love >.<

  10. Name: Mariam
    Email: You have it 😀

    Message: Hey Sexy/Awesome/Pretty/Talented
    i know im not gonna win but just for you… ❤ :blush:

  11. ehhh… peripare probably not for my skin toneeee…. but, if yoobin can, I can..


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